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Students undertaking an Anthropology & Archaeology (Extended) major gain a thorough understanding of the close connections between the study of the material traces of past peoples and our knowledge of people and cultures in the present.
Anthropology is the study of people and analyses what it means to be human in a wide range of contexts and places: from the study of material culture to popular culture, public health policies and the world‘s religions. Anthropology can be used to address some of society‘s most compelling questions on war, gender, discrimination, racism and other divisions of power.
Archaeologists give us the chance to see how people lived in the past, and how they interacted with one another and the environment. Studies of the material traces of the past also help people to make important decisions about property, resources, and cultural heritage in the present day.
 who are critical and creative thinkers with the transferable skills to respond to the demands of a rapidly changing labour market, who will contribute to the long-term improvement of societies and economies, both local and global.
The Contemporary International Studies (Extended) major draws from a range of subjects including history, international relations, languages, cultural studies and politics, giving you a broad perspective on current issues in the world and how these impact on Australia and its international relations.
How people engage with their society is closely related to our use of media technologies, from print to screen, or from everyday interactions to social networks. This major combines the study of communications and media theories with applied studies in contemporary media institutions.
The Creative and Critical Writing major allows students to gain deep understanding of the theoretical and philosophical understandings of writing and writing practices that then inform the students‘ own practice as writers.
Students of the English Literature (Extended) major study dynamic interactions between literary forms and film in the modern evolution of the discipline of English Literature.
English Literature fosters students' passion for great writing and develops skills in forming critical arguments, conducting research, and documenting evidence. Study in this area encourages students to be analytical and to develop a clear and expressive writing style in a range of modes.
The History (Extended) major provides additional studies that equip students for careers as historians in a globalising world. Through critical thinking and real-world application, students learn to piece together information from the past and apply it to current events and issues.
The historian, like a detective, examines clues, assesses the reliability of witnesses and seeks out the reasons and truth behind an event. Historians have insights into what events have happened and why.
Indigenous studies at USQ will give students an understanding of Australian Indigenous perspectives and ways of thinking. Students learn about Indigenous issues and elements that have shaped and influenced Indigenous communities in Australia.
This major is designed to strengthen students‘ understanding of Australian domestic and external affairs. A range of theoretical perspectives is examined, including institutional structures, policy frameworks, political systems and ideologies, economies and security regimes in various regions.
This major will qualify students for work as practising journalists in industry. 
The Legal Studies major gives students the chance to learn how to analyse case studies, debate key legal concepts, be introduced to legal research, and study possible methods of resolving conflicts, including litigation.
With this major students will gain the skills and knowledge to review communication policies within an organisation and develop and implement communication programs and strategies.
The Social Justice Studies major is a field of study intended for those who want to work with people - in the public sector, non-governmental organisations, and more - to deliver community welfare and social justice.
The program aims to produce graduates who meet the aims and objectives of both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Business and Commerce programs.
The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws double degree aims to produce graduates who meet the aims and objectives of both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Laws. The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws double degree offers students the benefit of exposure to multiple disciplines.
The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science double degree aims to produce graduates who meet the aims and objectives of both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degree programs.