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One of the main educational aims of the Dance programme offered by University of Nicosia is to provide intellectually and creatively challenging courses which fulfill the personal development of students and are founded on scholarship, artistry and research.
The Certificate Program in Data/Telecommunications trains participants for positions as entry-level network administrators, LAN technicians, and system analysts responsible for networking functions in large or small companies. Many of the courses in this certificate program can be applied towards the A.S. or B.S. Degree in Information Technology.
The Business Minor is designed for Information Technology students who are interested in gaining fundamental knowledge of management concepts and business practices.
The aim of the degree in Tourism is to give to the future porfessionals the ability to manage the corporative as well as institutional direction of the main cores of the tourism sector. This degree provides the students a solid training in the acquisition of knowledge focused on hotelsĀ“ management, transportation, leisure activities, investigation, consultancy...
This course focuses on understanding dementia at the individual, family and health services level with the goal to improve the quality of life for people with dementia. The course links neuropathology of dementing illnesses to symptomology, and also to care needs. You will learn about the different diseases and conditions that may cause dementia, and how these affect the nervous system at different stages of progression of the illness
This degree is intended for licensed dental hygienists with an associate degree or certificate. This bachelor‘s degree allows students to take all classes online while continuing to work in the dental hygiene profession. Extensive transfer credit is given for dental hygiene licensure. The focus of the degree is to prepare graduates for positions in public health, dental hygiene education, research, expanded practice and graduate study.
The Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene is completed through the integration of Associate‘s degree Dental Hygiene courses and Bachelor‘s degree courses, or by continuing studies after completing an Associate‘s degree at an accredited School of Dental Hygiene.
The Ohio State University's Dental Hygiene Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program is a flexible, online course of study that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. This program is designed for licensed dental hygienists, who hold an associate degree or certificate in dental hygiene from a CODA-accredited dental hygiene program.
Design and innovation have a huge impact on society well beyond the creative industries – finding solutions to problems that affect every aspect of our lives. The Design and Innovation (Honours) programme is offered at The Open University UK.
Gain a Development and Economics degree at University of London International Programmes, with academic direction from the London School of Economics and Political Science.Ā 
Digital Arts and Sciences (DAS) is an interdisciplinary field first offered by the University of Florida (UF) in both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Sciences formats as early as 2001. The Digital Worlds Institute was given stewardship of the Bachelor of Arts in DAS (BADAS) and has recently received approval to offer a new and enhanced curriculum that substantively blends aspects of digital arts, technology, communications and performance. We are now accepting applications for students to enroll in the updated interdisciplinary degree program for Fall of 2014.
The last years has seen an impressive stream of new, innovative digital products aimed at making life more convenient, yet also, more challenging. Whereas some of these commercial concepts disappear very quickly, others endure to become part of the everyday digital landscape. To meet the growing demand, we train our students to combine financial models with technological and creative innovations.
Digital Cinematography Program at Full Sail University prepares you for this emerging landscape by merging the artistic concepts of traditional filmmaking with the technological tools that can be utilized in everything from independent news gathering and documentary filmmaking to commercial production and web video.
The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Journalism is a pre-professional program that provides students with a solid foundation in traditional journalistic practices and theories as well as in the new forms of digital journalism that are rapidly reinventing the field.
Unleash your creativity and enhance your technical skills with our online digital media degree. Follow your interests and prepare for a career in digital design with University of Maryland University College's online digital media degree, where you can explore web technology, motion graphics, or digital design.
Successful completion of the National University Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Design program will enable graduates to compete for employment because they possess a relevant combination of skills and knowledge vital to today s workplace. Positions in the fields of gaming, video and multimedia production, motion graphics and design include Art Director, Web Designer, Game Designer, Video Editor, Project Manager and Multimedia Specialist.
Digital Media Production (DMP) majors gain first-hand experience in all aspects of single camera and live multi-camera production - including shooting, audio recording, editing, writing, directing and producing digital films and live television.
CQUniversity Australia's Bachelor of Digital Media will provide you with practical skills and knowledge that can be applied in a variety of fields associated with design, technology and media. The flexible structure of the program allows you to focus on your interests and pursue minors in Graphic Design, Interactive Media, Video and Animation, Journalism, or a combination of these areas.
Rehabilitation is a process of active change by which individuals who have become debilitated through disease or injury acquire the knowledge and skills needed for optimal physical, psychological, and social function. Rehabilitation Studies gives a broad general knowledge of the purpose, practice, and philosophy of rehabilitation.
Explore tertiary study with a Diploma in Arts. For many students, this is the first step towards taking a full Bachelor of Arts. The Diploma in Arts consists of eight courses (120 credits) from the Bachelor of Arts schedule, and is often used as a springboard to completing the full Bachelor of Arts degree.