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Today‘s video game graphics are more realistic and impactful than ever. If you‘ve considered taking your artistic talents to the game industry, Game Art (Online) program at Full Sail University can help you learn the same production methods used to create 3D art for gaming projects.
The electronic games industry generates billions of dollars in annual revenue, and it shows no signs of slowing. Since video games continue to be one of the leading forms of entertainment, the demand for sophisticated and high-quality games is rising. To help fulfill this requirement, the industry needs skillful game designers. Game Design (Online) Program from Full Sail University is designed for students who want to create compelling and inventive experiences for the next generation of games.
Deakin‘s Bachelor of Games Design and Development provides you with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to integrate the creative abilities of the game designer with the technical mastery of the game developer. As a graduate you will be capable of producing sophisticated computer games and responsive and appealing simulations, online and mobile applications and virtual reality environments.
The Gastroenterology and endoscopy provisions at the University of Hull are comprised of a range of modules which enable students to gain knowledge and understanding across a range of areas of practice which can be individualised towards the needs of the particular student.
The Bachelor of Arts is the ultimate, flexible university degree. With over twenty possible majors or minors, you can select subjects to build your knowledge, and electives to enhance your skills. 
The General Business Bachelor degree at UGA is designed for full-time employees, military personnel, and individuals wishing to upgrade skills before re-entering the job market. All courses are completed online.
The general business bachelor's degree provides a solid understanding of the fundamental areas in business: finance, accounting, management and marketing. The program is designed to prepare students for the diverse environment of the business world.
The Bachelor of General Studies - Foundation Year Pathway is the first year of the Bachelor of General Studies and is designed as an alternative entry pathway to university study.
You can earn your Bachelor of General Studies degree from University of North Dakota by taking online courses during the semester schedule. This means that you can work toward your degree from anywhere - at the time and place of your choice! Depending on your goals, you can complete one course every semester, or you can earn your degree faster by taking more than one course each term–it‘s up to you!
The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree (BGS) is a multidisciplinary, flexible Liberal Arts program that offers students an opportunity to study aspects of our society and culture; sharpen comprehension, speaking and writing skills; and think critically.
Our Bachelor of General Studies is for anyone wanting to profit from a wide choice of study areas. This degree is ideal for those who may have left school, but want to sample a range of university subjects before starting a more specialised degree.
The Department of Genetics at the University of Georgia, through its Genetics Bachelor program, provides an outstanding academic and research environment for students to understand the full spectrum of molecular, evolutionary, and population genetics.
The Bachelor of Arts is the ultimate, flexible university degree. With over twenty possible majors or minors, you can select subjects to build your knowledge, and electives to enhance your skills.
Geography explores the relationships between people, places and environments. As our worlds have become increasingly interconnected, fast-paced and more complex due to technological and social change; symptoms of this speed and complexity include disconnectivity, restrictions on mobility and competition for resources. This makes Geography more relevant than ever.
The Bachelor of Science program in Geography at UGA is for students who typically have interests in geosciences, landforms, weather/meteorology, climate change, plant geography, or related topics.
The UF Online Bachelor of Arts in Geology degree program prepares students for a wide array of careers related to Earth Science, the environment, environmental law, Earth-Space science teaching or other fields where knowledge of the Earth, its resources and their sustainability are required.
We are one of the few departments that meets the Geological Society's recommendation of a minimum 64 days' fieldwork in a BSc programme. This is a commitment that many full-time courses do not match and at present we are only one of a few geology programmes that does.
The aim of this three-year degree is to train students to be practising geoscientists with a broad range of practical and analytical skills. This degree will enable graduates to gain employment in a wide range of areas relating to the discipline, especially mining and exploration. Geoscientists typically work outdoors or in laboratories and in this degree we aim to train work-ready graduates through intensive field work and practical laboratories.
The Bachelor of Arts is the ultimate, flexible university degree. With over twenty possible majors or minors, you can select subjects to build your knowledge, and electives to enhance your skills. 
With a gerontology degree, join the skyrocketing labor force needed to meet the healthcare challenge of an aging population. The aging baby boomer population is driving some of the fastest growth in healthcare jobs in the country. This group has enormous clout across many industries, including health, finance, marketing, policy, housing, transportation, and education, and by 2030, one in five Americans will be 65 or older.