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This course is designed for students who already hold a bachelor's degree in any clinical specialty to prepare them for conducting research into issues facing health services.
The Bachelor of Health Administration - Post Diploma is open to holders of approved two- or three-year diplomas from an accredited college or technical institute. Students complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment. All diplomas presented must be approved for credit by Athabasca University.
Keeping in view the University‘s mission of providing high quality programs using virtual learning environment, and supporting the pursuit of lifelong learning, the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration is designed to understanding of modern healthcare organizations and the workings of allied health facilitates and integrate a foundation of health care and applied management with the expertise that prepares the graduate for managerial positions in health care.
Athabasca University‘s Bachelor of Health Administration program is designed to help health care administrators and managers meet these challenges. By developing organizational, analytical, and managerial skills, the program enables graduate students to seek innovative ways of meeting the increasing demands on Canada‘s health care system.
The BA in Health and Community Services is ideally suited for those who want to support health and social service organizations to provide just, effective, inclusive and community-sensitive services. This undergraduate program is focused on community-based approaches to health promotion, disease and injury prevention and the coordinated provision of effective health and community services.
The Honours Health and Human Sciences degree, Southern Cross University is a separate fourth year of study which may be undertaken following successful completion of an undergraduate degree. As well as a completion point for tertiary study itself, Honours also represents the starting point for entry into further postgraduate research degrees. The Honours degree provides an indication of a student‘s research potential and introduces students to basic research training.
In today's fast-changing care sector, professionals at all levels need to be proactive and flexible to succeed. The Health and Social Care (Honours) programme is offered at The Open University UK.
This minor is designed to prepare students to coach others in wellness-oriented living, whole-person awareness, and healthful living. Study in this area also provides personal benefits for self and family. Topics include nutrition, stress management, worksite health promotion, and strategies for facilitating change.
With the growing emphasis on preventative health care, new opportunities in the health care- and wellness-related industries are emerging every day. The Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness at Kaplan University provides the relevant curriculum and broad perspective to prepare students for careers in this rewarding field.
WKU is in the midst of a transformation - physical, intellectual, cultural and economic – and is becoming A Leading American University with International Reach. Whether in a neighboring community or in a distant country, WKU faculty and students are engaged in relevant applied research that provides solutions to real problems.
The School of Health Professions and UAB Online are working together to offer you a Bachelor‘s Degree in Health Care Management (HCM). This program prepares you for a mid-level management position in all types of health care organizations, including hospitals, ambulatory care centers, long term care facilities, and home health care agencies. You can become a part of people‘s lives when they need help the most.
The UF Online Bachelor of Science in Health Education & Behavior degree program provides students with training on how to promote healthy lifestyle choices in individual and group settings, with special attention given to diversity and culturally appropriate health education methodologies.
We have combined the customary HIM courses with informatics courses designed to strengthen your understanding of technology and business.  Students will graduate with HIM expertise as well as knowledge of computer applications, databases, and programming, giving them an advantage in their field.
If you have an interest in computers, health care and business you will find that the field of health information is a challenging and fulfilling career option. Many graduates are employed in hospitals, but job growth is projected to be greatest in physicians' offices and clinics, nursing homes, and home health agencies.
Behind every effective health-care institution is a robust system for managing health services information. Health information managers are proficient at collecting, storing, processing, analyzing and communicating information that is used to plan, research, provide and evaluate health-care services. 
Healthcare continues to be a growing industry and a leading employer in the Boston area. Projections for the healthcare industry state that job growth will remain above average into the next decade. The needs of an aging population with the increased human life cycle are some major factors contributing to this growth.
Advances in healthcare coupled with an aging human population are driving demand for health management professionals who possess both business acumen and in-depth knowledge of healthcare functions and processes. In response, Northeastern‘s College of Professional Studies offers the Bachelor of Science in Health Management degree program.
This double degree course is designed to develop your expertise in both health promotion and occupational health and safety.
Nutrition and health promotion offer solutions to the health problems our society is facing today. This double degree develops your expertise in the areas of nutrition and health promotion and the principles of health promotion planning.
Appalachian was founded in 1899. The pioneering spirit necessary to overcome the mountains‘ hardships quickly characterized the institution, giving Appalachian a special niche in higher education that continues today. After more than a century, students still feel the pull of this unique place to transform their lives, and Appalachian has remained focused on providing students with educational experiences that are not only life-changing but world-changing.