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The Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety at CQUniversity Australia is designed to develop your expertise in the identification of occupational health and safety hazards in the workplace.
Across the world there is increasing demand for qualified and professional safety and hygiene professionals. Their roles and responsibilities now often encompass environmental issues. This Occupational Safety, Health and Environment programme from the University of Greenwich is a novel approach to delivering health, safety and hygiene training and will allow a wider range of applicants to gain access to this growing field of employment.
The Online Executive BBA (EBBA) at EU Business School is a one-year, two-semester intensive program designed for working professionals in middle or senior management positions and with at least five years of work experience.
The Undergraduate Certificate in Security Management offers students the opportunity to learn about the principles and theories associated with various types of security, from physical security to security administration that focuses on the protection of assets.
The Open Degree (Honours) at The Open University UK is the most flexible degree programme in the UK because you can study any subjects you like, in any combination. This means you can build a qualification that's unique to you.
The Bachelor of Applied Sciences with a concentration in operations management technology provides the tools needed for success as a manager, including organization, motivation and hiring skills, as well as resource development.
The degree in cultural heritage Operator, International Telematic University UNINETTUNO will be able to communicate and interact on issues of interest to specialists and non-specialists interlocutors, according to their level of responsibility.
The behavior of individuals and groups in an organization directly affects the success of the organization. Knowledge of human behavior, psychology and business is critical in helping people lead productive lives and contribute to the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.
Facing greater complexity, many organizations are increasingly focusing on communication to help ensure success and sustainability for the future.
Facing greater complexity, organizations are increasingly focusing on communication to help ensure success and sustainability.
The Organizational Leadership & Technology program at SLU provides you with skills outside of traditional IT programs.
The Training and Development Concentration of the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning is designed for professionals who work with clients and/or various stakeholders to enhance workplace learning and improve organizational performance. The purpose of this concentration is to develop knowledge and skill in the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of job-related training and performance improvement.
This area of concentration for the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning is designed for career and technical education instructors. It is for professionals who have obtained positions as teachers of career and technical education in technical centers or secondary schools and need to become "state certified"" to secure their teaching position."
The online Bachelor‘s in Organizational Leadership examines how people work together most effectively and shows you how to communicate and lead organizational plans that improve productivity.
Managers today need the necessary skills to be effective leaders. This degree is perfect for the working professional who recognizes the need to develop his/her individual leadership abilities. As a graduate of this program, you will have a distinct advantage over other managers and can expect to find career opportunities in a wide range of leadership positions.
Organizational Studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines work behavior at the individual, interpersonal/group, and organizational levels. This program is comparable to a business degree.