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Even in a difficult economy, demand for qualified accountants remains strong, and knowledge of accounting is also relevant to a wide range of industries and professions. The online Accounting Certificate program is designed to provide a broad base of accounting techniques, including how to compile, analyze, and prepare critical business and financial records.
National University, Undergraduate Certificate in Accountacy - Designed for students who wish to prepare for entry into the accounting profession and may be considering one of the recognized professional accounting designations other than the Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
This certificate program in Advanced Accounting is designed for those individuals who already possess an understanding of accounting principles and would like to prepare for an accounting-related career such as auditing, financial analysis, taxation, budgeting and control, cost accounting, or asset management.
The successful completion of the National University Undergraduate Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution program will provide students with the necessary skills to become effective negotiators, mediators, and facilitators.
The future of information sharing is cloud computing and the University is at the forefront of preparing professionals to keep pace with the rapidly changing IT industry. 
This certificate prepares the student to become a competent computer network professional in managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing, and configuring basic network infrastructures. Courses in this certificate program are aligned with the requirements of A+ and Network+ Certification. An undergraduate student, regardless of field of study, may enroll in the Certificate of Computer Systems and Networks.
The Corrections Management Certificate program provides students with a foundation in the laws, ethics, and correctional treatment strategies directly related to the correctional field. Students analyze the philosophies and laws of punishment and sentencing, as well as the goals of rehabilitation. In addition, administrative and legal requirements pertaining to specific inmate special population groups and subsequent strategies for post-sentencing management are also examined.
This certificate will provide students with the fundamentals of counterintelligence and its applications. This topic will develop a comprehensive knowledge of counterintelligence. Including how intelligence agencies in the United States use counterintelligence and covert action to guard US global interests and protect US national security from adversaries. In addition, students will understand how counterintelligence is collected and how modernization and technology affect the use of counterintelligence.
This National University Undergraduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration provides students with an overview of some of the most important pillars of the criminal justice field.
This certificate is designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge and technologies needed to detect, investigate, and prevent computer related crimes, examines the theory, best practices, and methodologies to conduct computer forensics investigations. An undergraduate student, regardless of field of study, may enroll in the Certificate of Cybercrime Essentials.
Computers and the Internet have become an integral part of conducting business for companies, organizations and the government. Cybersecurity experts are needed to keep systems and sensitive information secure and out of the hands of cyber criminals. Jobs in both the public and private sector are needed due to the growing dependence of most businesses on information technology.
Digital forensic measures are needed to respond to security incidents in order to prevent loss or corruption of sensitive information. It allows for the creation of sound processes in following the trail of digital evidence through an investigation, including formal reporting and courtroom testimony. It connects the legal aspects of data and technology to electronic discovery, deposition, litigation and corporate personnel processes.
The certificate will broaden the scope of understanding e-commerce for IT students interested in embarking upon this new technology and pursuing an associate or bachelor‘s degree. As the technology field shifts, the curriculum must embrace the changes in technology to appropriately address the needs of the students.
The University is a pioneer in online education technology and offers its specialized Undergraduate Certificate in Enterprise Web Applications Using .Net entirely online
The Enterprise Web Applications Certificate focuses on the theories and skills necessary to perform design, develop, and deploy enterprise web applications on the Internet. This program prepares the adult learner to seek entry-level career positions such as: Web Publisher, Web Developer, Web Database Developer, JavaScript Developer, Java Developer, and E-Commerce Developer.
The Certificate in Environmental Technology provides the student with a solid foundation in hazardous materials and waste management, environmental law and enforcement, and the management of pollution. Coursework will prepare students to practically apply the technical aspects of environmental technology and management through the implementation of Environmental Management System, hazardous materials safety, and regulatory compliance programs.
The certificate in Explosive Ordnance Disposal is designed to meet the education requirements for students in the field of explosive ordnance disposal. 
This certificate is designed for students wishing to develop and upgrade knowledge and skills related to the provision of educational and support services to families, parents and children.
The Certificate in Fire Science is designed to provide the student a solid foundation in study of fire science. Students are introduced to the essentials of Building Construction for Fire Protection, Fire Behavior and Combustion, Fire Prevention, Fire Protection Systems, Principles of Emergency Services and Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival.
This program is designed for professionals who are passionate about environmental stewardship, the program explores management fundamentals and the impact humans have on finite fish and wildlife resources.