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The BA (Honours) Business Management with Finance at Pearson College has been designed in collaboration with some of the biggest names in industry, including Lloyds of London. This degree is ideal if you want to study part-time. It will allow you to combine work and study and base up to 50% of your degree on where you work. 
The BA (Honours) Business Management with Global Industries at Pearson College will give you the opportunity to learn and work abroad. By combining an exciting mix of contemporary theory and real-world experience, you‘ll get a rich and pragmatic understanding of the global business world, fuelling your ambition to see what‘s out there and kick-start your career.
Business and law is a dynamic combination that will open up a unique choice of career options whether you‘re interested in corporate or employment law or something with a legal dimension, such as banking, government or management. It‘s also a great choice for careers in everything from finance to marketing and HR. 
Marketing is one of the fastest-growing creative industries, with a huge range of career possibilities. The BA (Honours) Business Management with Marketing from Pearson College will prepare you for all kinds of roles, including marketing, communications, sales, PR, advertising, consultancy and management, by giving you the perfect balance of academic theory and practical experience.
This unique three year all inclusive degree course in Business Management delivered by RITE Online Academy is aimed at innovative professionals who need to be equipped with skills to analyse the environment, identify opportunities and make bold decisions that will differentiate their organisation from competitors and drive today‘s dynamic business environment.
The Business Process Management programme at Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences is designed to prepare professionals with qualified bachelor degree. Studies will enable students to adapt to changing business environment and labor market. Students will learn how to organize, manage business, analyze business market and monitor the state of the business, to create projects for investment and marketing, prepare agreements and find business collaboration.
The Distance Learning Business Studies program from the European University Cyprus (EUC) is specifically designed to be very flexible, giving the opportunity to students to choose two or more areas of concentration rather than concentrate on only one.
HELBUS Helsinki School of Business offers a quick pathway to a Bachelor‘s degree in Business. You will study in Finland and earn your Bachelor‘s degree (Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business and Management) from the University of Northampton (UN).
Graduates of the Bachelor of Business will have the knowledge and ability to work as specialist business professionals in varied and changing business environments. The degree offers diverse core units in first year before specialising, so that students have the flexibility to determine what business career they wish to pursue.
Double degrees give students the opportunity to study two disciplines concurrently.
The HNC (Higher National Certificate) in Business covers a range of subject topics which are relevant to modern business practices and to university degree programmes. This will facilitate your entry to and development within the world of business. It also enables you to acquire skills and knowledge in key business functions such as Management, Marketing, and Finance as well as helping you enhance relevant knowledge and skills in Economics, Communication, Problem Solving and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
The HND (Higher National Diploma) Business is designed to enable you to develop the skills and knowledge that will facilitate your entry to and development within the world of business.
The School of Business Administration offers students a part-time, three-year business degree program in management & leadership. Our online program is designed to meet the needs of students who need to complete their Junior and Senior year requirements for a bachelor‘s degree in business, with an option in management & leadership.
The Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Professional Communication dual degree from CQUniversity Australia provides you with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in both fields within four years of full-time study, making you more versatile and attractive to employers.
Studying the combined Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Economics gives you more career flexibility and choices when you graduate, as well as the opportunity to explore a range of subjects in-depth.
The Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws aims to create contemporary professionals with a solid grounding in the core business fields of accounting, economics, finance, organisational development, management and marketing needed for organisational survival and success. The course will prepare students to take on a role as a future manager with leadership responsibilities for creating a more inclusive and sustainable global economy.
About the Program A 72-credit, part-time program designed for students looking to complete their upper division requirements for a Bachelor‘s Degree in Business in three years.