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Our innovative Bachelor of Science in Leadership degree is an 18-month accelerated program specifically designed to prepare you for career advancement and a foundation of leadership skills applicable to any industry. This program is designed for students who have completed an associate degree or equivalent credits who would like to complete their bachelor's degree at an accelerated pace.
This course will provide you with a clear idea of what leadership is and involves and will provide a valuable opportunity to develop a useful, practical framework for understanding what effective leaders actually do. You will learn how to balance the priorities of achieving results, effectively building team cohesion and developing and motivating the individuals within your team
The accelerated bachelor's to master's program for a Leadership & Organizational Development degree (BA/MA) is designed for working professionals wishing to pursue a bachelor's degree in Organizational Studies and professional master's degree while maintaining part- or full-time employment.
This new Leadership Studies BA degree-completion program at Humboldt State University is offered online through the College of eLearning and Extended Education.
This flexible, affordable and relevant program was specifically designed for the adult professional, who is seeking employment stability and job advancement. 
The vision is to promote compassionate care and to make a real difference to people‘s lives. The university wants to make this a reality by recruiting people who are up to this challenge. So, do you have the courage to commit to be a learning disability nurse? If you do then the BSc (Hons) programme, which gives you a registration through the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) as a nurse for people with learning disability, is the course for you.
The Bachelor of Legal and Justice Studies brings together studies in law and politics. It is an excellent degree for those wanting to work in policy development, para-legal positions, conveyancing, and in the fields of justice.
Students who undertake a double degree with Law are candidates for both degrees and are able to complete the two degrees with five years of full-time study or part-time equivalent.
Legal Expert in Development and Internationalisation of Enterprises, International Telematic University UNINETTUNO - The market internationalisation process is experiencing a point of non return. This situation has an impact not only on big multinational corporations, but also on SMEs which are ever-increasingly forced to face international-level markets of goods, products and services.
The Bachelor of Arts (Legal Studies) gives you the chance to learn how to analyse case studies, debate key legal concepts, be introduced to legal research, and study possible methods of resolving conflicts, including litigation. You will examine Australian foreign policy and Australia's historic and contemporary relations on a global basis.
The Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies degree program offers a solid foundation in legal theory and practice, introducing you to various fields of law and a range of topics covered in-depth at law school. Our online program explores the interrelationships of law and society, legal philosophy and societal institutions, and jurisprudence and legal history. The curriculum is regularly evaluated and updated so your courses are based on current knowledge, research, and case studies in the field.
Gain the knowledge, skills, and ethical principles you need to research and produce legal information and documents or prepare for law school with a bachelor's degree in legal studies. With an online legal studies degree from University of Maryland University College, you'll acquire the tools you need to confidently and competently thrive in legal environments. In this program, you'll learn to produce and review legal forms and documents, apply statutes to legal cases, and assess fact patterns.
Start or finish your undergraduate degree part time. In the Bachelor Of Liberal Arts Degree program from Harvard University, you can sharpen your written and verbal communication, enhance your critical and analytical capacity, and deepen your knowledge in a chosen field for career advancement and personal growth.
This minor will provide students with both deeper and broader knowledge of trends in contemporary art and with the analytic and critical skills derived from the study of arts and letters.
Underscoring the concept that liberal arts and business are complementary, the Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts with a Business Minor provides you with the benefits of a traditional liberal arts education along with practical business skills and knowledge. As a result of your comprehensive learning experience, you will enhance your ability to think creatively and analytically while garnering the business perspectives that will help you in your professional life.
A student majoring in Liberal Arts through Personalized Learning will study broadly from history, philosophy, literature and the arts. The student will learn how to analyze, interpret and evaluate important cultural artifacts of diverse cultures. This is a fresh, contemporary take on Liberal Arts in that each exercise in understanding important works of art and letters is immediately connected to relevant skills.
The Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree, offered through UMass Lowell's College of Arts & Sciences in collaboration with the Division of Online and Continuing Education, provides students with a well-balanced Liberal Arts curriculum.
To stand out in today‘s job market, you need to develop a variety of skills and basic knowledge of your chosen field. That‘s why Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies degree from Kaplan University allows you to choose a combination of courses from several disciplines. 
If you don't know exactly what career you want to pursue when you graduate, Liberal Studies at University of South Carolina is a flexible program that fosters critical thinking skills that are valuable in many different fields.
A flexible program designed to expand your expertise and accelerate your path by acknowledging the skills you have already developed.