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The Forensics Certificate program enables students to gain a foundation in the principles of criminal liability and the attendant circumstances. Students will analyze the science and art of profiling crime scenes, and subsequently offenders, using both physical and psychological evidence.
This program provides a solid foundation in the principles, regulations and technologies required to manage hazardous materials and hazardous waste. Courses are designed for public and private sector first responders and professionals that have hazardous waste spill response, emergency or contingency preparedness planning, or regulatory compliance responsibilities.
This undergraduate certificate in Homeland Security focuses on a select interdisciplinary set of topics in the undergraduate discipline of homeland security. The certificate is designed to provide broad coverage of the major homeland security threats in particular weapons of mass destruction, intelligence, consequence management, and homeland defense.
This certificate is designed to provide students with an understanding of the essential areas of Human Resources to meet the needs of organizations in the 21st century. The topics of study include recruitment, selection, team dynamics, ethics, performance management, compensation, benefits, labor and employee relations, and policy and records management.
This certificate is designed for students wishing to develop and upgrade knowledge and skills related to work with children under the age of three in child care and educational settings. Note: Completion of the certificate work does not qualify graduates to apply for teaching licensure.
This certificate assesses the principles of information systems attack and defense and applies that knowledge to protect the information assets of an organization. Any undergraduate student, regardless of major, may enroll in the Certificate in Information Security Planning.
Security threats increase in number and severity at a faster rate than qualified security professionals can fill-in the necessary gap. Qualified security professionals are in dire need even in a troubled economy, as businesses prioritize their budget spending to invest in a secure business environment.
The undergraduate certificate covers the fundamentals of Intelligence Analysis, preparing students to apply advanced methods in composing professional and academic analyses on issues critical to intelligence community consumers.
This certificate is a study of web site design, internet concepts, networking, web development fundamentals, Dreamweaver, and Adobe Flash. The courses in this certificate program are aligned with the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Associate, CIW Associate Design Specialist, CIW Professional industry standard certifications. It focuses on Web page layout, navigation, typography, Web graphics, color, color theory, web safe colors, HTML, XML, XHTML, structural elements (tables and framesets), cascading style sheets, and metadata.
This certificate focuses on assessing, mitigating, and managing security risks in IT infrastructures. Any undergraduate student, regardless of major, may enroll in the Certificate in Infrastructure Security. This Certificate prepares the adult learner to seek entry-level career positions such as: Network Security Analyst, Network Security Manager, Network Security Assessor, and Network Security Designer.
The world of Information Technology is replete with projects that were abandoned because of runaway scope and cost. On the other hand the trend in the world economy is shrinking budgets and shorter deadlines; all this while projects are getting more complex. This certificate focuses on meeting industry needs for IT Managers that can manage cost, time, scope, quality, risk, and people to ensure that projects come in on time and under budget.
The online Undergraduate Certificate in Law Enforcement Leadership from American Public University is designed to help prepare chiefs of police and other key state law enforcement command personnel for their leadership roles through providing professionally relevant education at the undergraduate level. This certificate will provide intermediate level information that is designed to enhance the leadership and management skills of the officers enrolled in the program.
The Certificate in Meeting and Event Planning is designed to provide the student a solid foundation in hospitality support to successful meetings and events. Students are given an overview of the meeting, exposition, and convention business. Additionally, the certificate reviews managerial aspects of the front of the house departments/divisions and the back of the house departments/divisions are to ensure efficient lodging operations.
The Certificate in Microsoft Access Database Programming provides students with the theories and skills necessary to develop databases. This Certificate prepares adult learners to seek entry-level career positions such as: Database Developer, Database Analyst, Database Designer, Database Specialist, and Microsoft Access Developer.
The program description has been revised: This certificate is a study of the concepts and technology trends essential to office productivity applications. Students will explore the principles, practices, features, and functions of the word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and communications applications in the Microsoft Office Suite.
This certificate is designed to provide students with an understanding of the military as an organization and emphasizes leadership skills and current leadership challenges of being a soldier in today‘s military. The topics of study include examining the enlisted structure, small unit leadership, ethics, and the organization of the U.S. military.
As an online leader in quality education, we know the power and possibilities of the mobile computing revolution. The Undergraduate Certificate in Mobile Computing is offered entirely online and gives our students the flexibility to fit career-relevant education into their busy lives.
WSU's online certificate in organic agriculture provides training in the agricultural sciences, including an understanding of complex agriculture and food systems.
The Paralegal Certificate program is for students interested in obtaining the background and skills necessary to assume a growing range of tasks in legal offices. Paralegals assist attorneys in drafting legal documents, research, investigation, trial preparation, and office management.
Public lands are managed to accommodate and perpetuate a wide range of environmental, social, and economic values. This Certificate will allow students to focus on the origins of national parks, forests, and refuges and to study the tools and techniques land managers use to provide ecosystem services to the public.