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This degree produces graduates with skills in increasing demand in the rural sector. A practically orientated degree, students are provided with the tools necessary to understand the implications of land use and management change on agricultural productivity.
This combined program offers graduates the opportunity to pursue careers in agriculture and business related areas. Students can achieve disciplinary depth as well as the breadth of learning expected in agriculture and business degrees.
The Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Laws degree seeks to produce graduates who have an excellent science base for the application of scientific knowledge to agricultural practice. Students will not have detailed specialist knowledge but will have developed an appreciation of the science contributing to the main components of the agricultural system as well as good knowledge of practical agriculture.
This is a completion degree for graduates of associate degrees in the numerous allied health disciplines where there is no discipline specific bachelor degree available. This degree allows two-year health degree student the opportunity to advance in their chosen health profession or continue into a graduate program.
The National University Allied Health profession refers to occupations that support, aid and increase the efficiency of the physician, dentist, or primary healthcare specialist.
The Bachelor of Arts is the ultimate, flexible university degree. With over twenty possible majors or minors, you can select subjects to build your knowledge, and electives to enhance your skills. 
The Bachelor of Arts is the ultimate, flexible university degree. With over twenty possible majors or minors, you can select subjects to build your knowledge, and electives to enhance your skills. 
Launched in 2012, our BA in Ancient History and Classical Archaeology brings together the two disciplines into a single undergraduate distance learning programme for the first time and as such we believe it is unique. The course is based on our extensive experience in developing and teaching both archaeology and ancient history courses and our world-leading research.
Macquarie‘s ancient history program is world leading and the longest running of its kind in Australia.
This course is designed for those interested in our relationship with and management of animals in a rapidly changing world. The course has three specialist majors focusing on: 1) livestock production; 2) wildlife management; and 3) horses and dogs.
Kansas State University offers an animal sciences and industry program that prepares students for careers in the animal industry. The curriculum combines studies in nutrition, genetics, reproduction, behavior, physiology, business and technology with production, management and agribusiness skills.
Anthropology is the study of what it means to be human through the lens of cultural diversity. Sociology examines how human actions in modern societies are shaped by social groups and by wider social, economic and political pressures. Both fields share a common interest in the comparative study of human societies in all their historical and contemporary variations.
As a graduate of Athabasca University‘s Anthropology Major program, you will become familiar with the four fundamental subfields within Anthropology (archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology), and their strong interrelationships.
The accelerated bachelor's to master's program in Applied Analytics (BS/MS) is designed for working professionals wishing to pursue a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and professional master's degree while maintaining part- or full-time employment. With courses offered in both blended formats at our St. Louis, Missouri campus and online in an accelerated 8-week term, this bachelor's-master's bridge program makes advanced education more accessible for working professionals.
‘Bioscience‘ is a diverse, inter-disciplinary and topical subject which contributes much to health and wealth worldwide. Our Ulster University course focuses on the application of human and molecular biology to offer solutions and opportunities within the biomedical science and food professions.
This qualification is aimed at professionals who are in, or aspire to be in, a managerial position within their organisation and are responsible for strategic decisions and change which benefits the organisation as a whole.
NAU‘s Applied Information Technology program is an excellent bachelor‘s degree program for students with an interest or background in technology, whether work-related or academic. This program prepares students well for today‘s technology-based careers, with relevant instruction in all aspects of personal computing including: multimedia telecommunications, technical writing, end-user information systems, troubleshooting, and hardware maintenance.
The Applied Management program is for those with degrees, diplomas or certificates in specialty areas. This degree is designed to meet the needs of individuals who have acquired occupation-related training at community colleges, technical institutions, military service schools, industry-related schools, or training classrooms in their field of specialty. Combined with our sound business and general education courses, this degree will prepare you for advancement in management areas associated with your specialty field.
The Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (BSAM) is designed for professionals holding Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees. Whether you are currently working or just finishing your degree, the applied management opportunity creates a unique pathway for career advancement in your field.
This Applied Mathematics degree from Athabasca University is designed to help students develop a relatively wide range of applied mathematical skills which have direct applications within fields of endeavour such as scientific and medical research, some branches of computing science, finance, engineering, and other math-related disciplines.