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Engineering plays a central role in every aspect of our lives – from the built environment, electricity generation and transport networks to smartphones and bicycles. If you‘re working in engineering-related employment at a technical level and would like to boost your career, this diploma is for you. The Diploma of Higher Education in Engineering course is offered at The Open University UK. 
How can technology help us to manage the environment, given the pressures that threaten its future? How do we design more sustainable practices at local, national and international level? The Diploma of Higher Education in Environmental Management and Technology course is offered at The Open University UK.
This interdisciplinary diploma will give you knowledge and understanding of the social, political, economic, scientific and technological issues at the heart of contemporary environmental problems. It focuses on issues such as climate change, dwindling resources and the loss of biodiversity, examining how and why our environment is under threat.
The Diploma of Higher Education in Language Studies at The Open University UK aims to equip you with the competencies needed to communicate and interact in a range of languages and cultures.
Mathematics and statistics are vital to modern society, from everyday tasks to economic policy and the latest advances in science and technology. The Diploma of Higher Education in Mathematical Sciences programme is offered at The Open University UK.
Science underpins everything we do – from mixing paint to predicting weather or performing microsurgery. If you‘re curious about the world we live in, or thinking about a science degree, this Diploma is ideal. You‘ll explore aspects of biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, environmental sciences, physics, astronomy and planetary science – while developing critical thinking, data analysis and problem solving skills. The Diploma is a valuable qualification in its own right, or you can use it as a stepping stone to a degree.
If you‘re interested in psychology and would like to develop skills and knowledge relevant to a wide range of careers, this diploma is for you. The Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology course is offered at The Open University UK.
Does material consumption make us happier? Is parenting a social or an individual activity? How does globalisation affect ordinary households? The Diploma of Higher Education in Social Sciences course is offered at The Open University UK. 
This diploma will help put you on track for a career in fitness training, sports coaching or management. It develops work-related and academic to enhance your performance and prospects at work, and explores the key principles of sports science, training, leadership and management The Diploma of Higher Education in Sport and Fitness course is offered at The Open University UK.
The Diploma of Higher Education Open course is offered at The Open University UK.
This nationally recognised Diploma of Human Resources Management from Open Colleges could be your step up to the fast-paced field of HR leadership.
This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to administer and manage information and communications technology (ICT) support in small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) using a wide range of general ICT technologies. The Diploma of Information Technology (Pathway to Bachelor of Information Technology) course is offered at CQUniversity Australia.
This Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration from Open Colleges could be the first exciting step towards developing your career as an interior designer and decorator. By enrolling in this course you‘ll be starting a journey of discovery where you find out exactly what you‘re capable of in a design context. The more work you put into it; the more you‘ll get out of it.
This Diploma of Leadership and Management from Open Colleges can turn your management experience into a formal qualification, or it can up-skill you to get further ahead in your career.
This Diploma of Project Management from Open Colleges has been designed to teach you how to apply project management skills in a variety of workplace contexts. You‘ll undertake a selection of units selected to meet current industry demands, which will equip you with the skills to procure new business projects and manage others.
The Diploma of Science (Environment and Sustainability) is perfect if you are a bit unsure about studying at uni and would like to start with a bite-sized chunk. The Diploma is a qualification in its own right, and can stop there if you want to. But it is also a pathway to a Bachelor degree, which means that the eight courses you have studied can count towards your degree.
This foundation diploma is designed to introduce you to university studies in the science environment. You will develop some great study skills in the first four courses and you will have the opportunity to sample another four courses from a variety of science areas.
Designed to give you an introduction to the scientific environment, USQ‘s Foundation Diploma of University Studies is a great start to university studies and it provides the opportunity to sample four courses from a number of science areas including psychology, computing, astronomy, biology and maths to progress your career.
The Diploma of Science is a one-year (full-time or part-time equivalent) course that equips students with foundational knowledge and skills in areas including environmental, health and physical sciences such as engineering.
Even if you haven‘t completed high school or you‘re new to study, the USQ‘s Foundation Diploma of University Studies (Social Studies) will ensure you‘re ready for tertiary study. Apart from the core courses, you can choose to explore approaches to social sciences, ethical issues and human rights, psychology or anthropology to start your career in social services.