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The National University Bachelor of Science, Major in Healthcare Administration (BSHA) is an undergraduate professional degree designed to prepare students for entry level administrative / management positions in healthcare organizations.
Do you want to become a confident healthcare professional? If you need complex healthcare know-how you‘re starting in the right place. By the end of this programme, you‘ll be able to make informed decisions that lead to better practise in this challenging and changing environment.
Do you work in the health industry and want to progress to a management role? Delivered 100% online our Healthcare Management degree will help you learn how to accommodate the increasingly complex needs of individuals and communities by managing the social care landscape through dynamic leadership approaches.
The Healthcare Management Program is an on-line Bachelor of Science degree that prepares the student to enter management and leadership positions within healthcare organizations. Emphasis is placed on relating the knowledge and skills to real-world applications in healthcare settings.
This certificate is ideal if you want to develop your interest in health and social care in the area of work with children, young people and families; and if you‘re directly engaged in this area (or hope to be) as a paid or unpaid worker or carer. The Higher Education in Children and Families course is offered at The Open University UK.
Computing and IT skills are hugely valued in the modern workplace; studied together with a second complementary subject they can give you an excellent foundation for careers in a wide range of sectors, from government to gaming. The Higher Education in Computing and IT and a Second Subject is offered at The Open University UK.
The modern world depends on computers and IT systems to function. Gain the skills to work with them, and you‘ll open up a huge variety of careers and other opportunities – from controlling processes to interfacing with customers and suppliers. The Higher Education in Computing and IT Practice programme is offered at The Open University UK.
Technology dominates the way we live, work, socialise and play – and computing and IT skills are increasingly essential in today's workplace. The Diploma of Higher Education in Computing and IT course is offered at The Open University UK.
If you currently work with young children from birth to seven years, or are interested in learning more about young children‘s lives and experiences, this certificate could be what you‘re looking for. The Higher Education in Early Years Professional Practice course is offered at The Open University UK.
The Master of Science in Higher Education program stresses the practical knowledge, critical thinking, research, and writing skills relevant to leaders in today‘s colleges and universities. Whether your interests are in administration, teaching, student development, or other areas within higher education, you will have the opportunity to work closely with your instructors and other students who share your interests. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of online learning while you study to maximize your career choices and strengthen your knowledge and skills as a practitioner of higher education.
The Higher National Diploma - Business (Management) course from Westford School of Management Online is designed for students wishing to embark on a professional career in business management covering marketing, human resources, management and accounting and finance. It will help you develop analysis and evaluation skills which can be applied to real-world situations. This programme helps you to develop your knowledge and understanding of the various functional areas of business, including management, marketing. Successful completion of the program also enables the learner to earn 240 QCF credits which can then be transferred to more than 200 Universities across US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and a host of other countries to directly enter into the final year or 3rd year (in case of US Universities) of their Bachelor's Degree. Dual Qualification, flexibility and cost-effectiveness are some of the few distinct advantages of this program.
The Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice is designed to take the study of history at tertiary level into a more professional, vocational sphere, to cater for those students who work with, or seek to work with History in their myriad workplaces and careers. To this end, the degree has been designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of all the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of historical inquiry, and the many and varied methodologies that can be employed to shed light on the past, and to make use of that past for today's changing world.
This wide-ranging and fascinating course will develop and deepen your knowledge of different periods of history from antiquity to the twentieth century. The History (Honours) programme is offered at The Open University UK.
Historians explore the past, examining the development of social, political, cultural and economic forces and how they have shaped societies and cultures over time.
In the Bachelor of Science in History degree program, you will gain an understanding of trends and develop intellectual perspectives--enabling you to better interpret what is happening in the world today.
Strengthen your research and writing skills, learn to think critically, and prepare for a future in politics, law, journalism, or education with an online bachelor's degree in history. Like other liberal arts degrees, a bachelor's degree in history from University of Maryland University College offers a solid base of critical thinking on which to build a career or further graduate study. Your degree could prepare you for teaching history or social studies; taking entry-level positions in public history by working in archives, historic sites, museums, and galleries; or pursuing graduate-level study in history or law and public policy.
The HNC in Accounting provides candidates with skills and knowledge in book-keeping, financial and management accounting using manual and computerised techniques.
The HNC in Business is designed to provide you with a broad understanding and knowledge of business organisations and the environment in which they operate.
This HNC is designed to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in current and future employment or progression to further academic and/or professional qualifications.
The HND Accounting is designed for candidates who wish to take up a career in accounting and/or financial administration within a range of business organisation.