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The Lifespan Care Administration degree program introduces you to the theoretical, ethical, and legal issues related to caregiving and improves the essential knowledge and skills of current care facility staff and administrators.
At Deakin, literature is the door to new understandings of cultures and histories. Our literary studies scholars have international profiles in philosophy, poetry, ecology and Australian literature, and will guide you in critical and creative journeys through great literature from the medieval era to today. There are also many opportunities for your own creative writing and critical analysis.
Have you ever wondered how companies transport products to other places? Logistics and supply chain professionals are working behind the scenes to ensure a smooth and constant workflow. They manage the supply of goods and services from the point of origin (supplier) to its final destination (customer) in the fastest, safest and cheapest way possible.
The BSc (Hons) Logistics Management degree is a work-based, distance learning degree for managers and aims to break down the barriers between learning at work and learning at university. The programme takes into account the high level of skills and learning that are demonstrated every day in the workplace and provides a degree framework to support and accredit this learning.
The Bachelor in Logistics distance learning programme at The Cyprus Institute of Marketing, BVI (Distance-Learning Studies) is to explore and analyse the vital role played by logistics in the successful running of a firm.