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This certificate provides broad based knowledge of core areas within the real estate field. This certificate provides a good foundation for both aspiring and current real estate professionals by broadening their skills and knowledge in important key areas in the field.
This program provides the student with a solid foundation in the principles of regional and community planning and design. Coursework will focus on regional and community scale environmental and land use planning, proving the student with an understanding of the principles of sustainable design, energy and resource sustainability, remote sensing and geographic information systems, and environmental impact assessment.
Restaurant Operations is a flexible program that explores the essentials of front-office and behind-the-scenes operations related to foodservice management. Using relevant theory and concepts, students examine current managerial techniques and tools to effectively operate a wide variety of restaurants.
The Certificate in Retail Management serves to generate interest in the retail management professional field while enhancing those already within the discipline, preparing graduates to pursue career opportunities in retail management field.
The certificate in Space Studies provides a firm foundation in knowledge areas essential to the study of space: astronomy, space flight/exploration (past, current and future), primary industry and government participants, and basic orbital mechanics.
This certificate is designed to provide students the opportunity to develop the skill set needed to influence and persuade the workforce to become productive and efficient as it relates to the growth of the organization. The topics of study include: leadership, motivation, performance management, information systems, organizational change, and staffing.
The Certificate in Sustainability offers students the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of resource and energy use and policy, study emerging renewable energy technologies, and assess the societal and economic barriers to implementation of sustainable practices. Students will study the impact of green infrastructure and sustainable design practices on U.S. energy policy and apply the principles of sustainability to a wide variety of land use and development scenarios
The Terrorism Studies certificate covers the fundamentals of Counter-Terrorism methodology and predictive intelligence methods. Students completing the certificate will be able to define terrorism and understand why religious and politically motivated acts of violence occur.
This certificate is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the United Nations. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of the UN in conflict, war, mediation, diplomacy, peacekeeping, and promulgation of international law.
The Visual Basic Application Development Certificate enables students to focus on the principles and practices necessary to design, develop, and deploy Web applications using the Visual Basic interactive development environment (IDE).
Graphics are valuable tools for communication in Internet applications. This Visual Communications certificate introduces the student to the principles and practices of image manipulation, image enhancement, and image storage.
This undergraduate certificate in Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness focuses on a select interdisciplinary set of topics in the undergraduate discipline of homeland security. The certificate is designed to provide broad coverage of the major issues around Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness, in particular the various weapons of mass destruction, incident command, regulatory issues, and consequence management.
This course introduces students to Web 2.0 trends and technologies. Students will profile the various features, tools, communities, and practices available in Web 2.0. This certificate includes a survey of the concepts, tools, and practices used to build blogs and wikis. 
This certificate provides an understanding of the process for building and deploying websites on the World Wide Web (WWW). This program prepares adult learners to seek entry-level career positions such as: Web Publisher, JavaScript Developer, FrontPage Developer, Flash Animator, Flash Developer, Web Page Developer, Web Site Developer, and Web Master.
The Department for Continuing Education is delighted to offer the Certificate of Higher Education. This is a part-time course, lasting between two and four years depending on how intensively you wish to study. Students choose a main subject discipline in which they do most of their classes, but they combine this with study in other academic subjects.
Through the Boston University Online Undergraduate Degree Completion Program (UDCP), students who are prepared to complete a high-quality bachelor‘s degree can do so alongside other accomplished, motivated, mature students–the program‘s online format allows students to accomplish their goals without disrupting personal, family, and professional commitments.
Designed for students who are interested in obtaining a brief overview of the discipline of psychology. The course provides students with introductory knowledge about some of the latest theoretical issues impacting on psychology, and introduces some practical skills training in writing for psychology and research methods.
The University Preparation Course (Education Assistant Program) course, Edith Cowan University is designed to enable Education Assistants to understand how they can effectively support teachers in facilitating children's learning in the compulsory years of schooling (pre-primary, primary or secondary school settings).
The Preparation Course prepares students for university-level study by teaching them the required skills for academic success, with an emphasis on the student becoming an independent learner.
This degree leads to a professional career in planning, with employment opportunities in both city and country. Planning is about designing places that will stand the test of time - not cost the earth. Planning is about working towards a more livable, more sustainable world. Planners need to be familiar with a wide range of issues and the degree provides a broad general education in all major areas of planning and urban design, including land use planning, social planning, economic planning, transport planning, environmental planning, professionalism and ethics, and environmental and planning law.