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The Sports Management degree prepares students to meet the demands of working in the sports industry through applying a variety of management, leadership, administration, and business learned competencies, skill sets, and knowledge throughout the curriculum. Students will learn to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize core issues central to sports finance, sports marketing, sports sociology, and sports ethics.
Sports Marketing & Media (Online) Bachelor of Science degree program at Full Sail University is designed to create that kind of working professional. As a student in this program, you‘ll learn how the principles of marketing specifically relate to the sports industry, including courses like Global Sports Marketing Strategies, Sports Sales and Sponsorships, Sports Marketing Research, and Sports Law and Contracts.
Currently the only UK Certificate of Credit in Sports Psychology that offers university credits, this 20 credit module provides an introduction to the world of Sports Psychology. It covers key areas such as, confidence, self-doubt, anxiety, attention and mental skills training.
The National University Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications prepares students for leadership positions in public relations, advertising, marketing, and corporate communication.
The bachelor's degree program in substance abuse counseling is designed for students who are interested in careers in the chemical dependency treatment areas of counseling and prevention.
Surveying is a highly specialised, science-based discipline, which is concerned with the measurement, representation and management of data concerning the Earth‘s physical and man-made features. 
The Bachelor of Sustainability at UNE provides a unique opportunity to develop skills and an understanding of sustainability in a holistic manner, integrating the social sciences and humanities with the environmental sciences and natural resource management.
Our long-distance Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in Sustainable Business program is a three-year part-time program for experienced business professionals or teaching scholars. We offer an exciting cohort-based approach with a facilitated action learning and research approach focused on supporting organizations in the sustainability journey by providing historical analysis and relevant transformational support.
We offer two distance learning, online courses that build on your CIMA qualifications, this BA (Hons) level course and also an MSc in Strategic Business Management.