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The BS in Architecture - Post Diploma degree course from Athabasca University is for students who have successfully completed an approved diploma in Architecture from an accredited college or institute of technology.
Athabasca University and Architecture Canada, Royal Architecture Institute of Canada (RAIC), have formed a partnership dedicated to offering a high quality online architecture program.
The Bachelor of Arts in art history through ASU‘s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts is a comprehensive degree designed to engage students with visuality in a variety of ways.
The Bachelor of Arts is the ultimate, flexible university degree. With over twenty possible majors or minors, you can select subjects to build your knowledge, and electives to enhance your skills. 
This double degree offers students the opportunity to study a wide range of majors from the Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) and Commerce. Combining studies in arts and business has many benefits, including the ability to think outside the box and utilise both the left and right sides of the brain.
From poetry to string quartets, and from sculpture to short stories, the extraordinary range of human culture offers rich possibilities for study. The Arts and Humanities (Honours) programme is offered at The Open University UK.
The BGS - Arts and Science Designation degree is one of the most popular programs at Athabasca University. It provides a framework of individualized study within an Arts and Science or Applied Studies designation that offers students the freedom to choose courses to meet career or educational goals.
This course is designed to allow well-qualified graduates to extend their studies in areas listed, either to improve their career prospects or to proceed to higher degree studies. Completion of the degree to the standard of Honours Class II Division 2 or better is the normal mode of entry to the research degree of Master of Philosophy. Completion to the standard of Honours Class II Division 1 or better is the normal mode of entry to candidature for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
The degree equips students with creative, critical and analytical skills ideal for lifelong learning. The degree offers flexibility in career options and can provide a solid foundation for further studies. This is a flexible degree in which you can incorporate multiple subjects. Graduating students have the subject(s) of their specialisation within the degree appear on their testamur (eg Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) or Bachelor of Arts (Theatre and Performance).
Study the Bachelor of Arts at CQUniversity Australia to equip yourself with a multidisciplinary education in a range of humanities and social sciences disciplines. Benefit from the program's flexible structure and tailor your own education by choosing from a variety of majors and minors.
The Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Business dual degree program is designed for students whose career aspirations may be best served by combining a multidisciplinary degree program providing opportunities to pursue studies in the broad discipline areas of humanities and the social sciences, with a professional business program.
This degree combines excellent communication and analytical skills with solid business knowledge and has been developed in response to increasing student demand and employer preference for recruitment of combined degree graduates.
The Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law provides students with a broad range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies from across the University, with a strong focus on aspects of human culture and achievement. The degree also provides graduates with a professionally accredited Law degree with a critical and progressive approach to the existing law and legal system quipped with the necessary technical and specialist skills.
The combined program offers students the opportunity to study in the area of Arts and this combined degree is ideal for students seeking a liberal education to pursue areas of interest in both science and humanities and offers students the opportunity to study in the area of Arts and Sciences in preparation for a wide range of careers.
The audio production professional of the future is not a traditional job-seeker, but an entrepreneurial-minded self-starter. No longer tethered to conventional studios, audio specialists now enjoy the flexibility of working from creative spaces – large or small – anywhere in the world. This Audio Production program is offered by Full Sail University.
The Bachelor of Audiometry aims to provide both academic knowledge and practical training which will equip students with the necessary skills and expertise to pursue a career in Audiometry. This degree is articulated with the Diploma of Hearing Device Prescriptions and Evaluations at TAFE (Diploma in Audiometry) and is the only one of its kind in Australia at the undergraduate level. Students gain vocational training with TAFE and theoretical knowledge in relevant academic areas with UNE.
Australian Studies is a cross-disciplinary examination of Australia in its local and global contexts. In this study area students engage with Australia‘s history and geography, along with the politics, culture and society that makes us who we are. Australian Studies develops in-depth knowledge of Australia, including its colonisation, land uses, migration patterns or popular culture.
The Autism Spectrum (Web Autism) University of Birmingham distance learning programme is a web-based part-time, distance learning programme completed over a year of study, earning 60 credits at Level C (equivalent to the first six months of an undergraduate degree). It will be of interest to those working with children and adults on the autism spectrum, including Asperger syndrome.
It's amazing what one degree - a Bachelor of Science degree in Automotive Management – can do for your career. You can move into management at dealerships, repair centers, manufacturers - anywhere leaders are needed with technical, managerial and communication skills. Your degree can also prepare you for such positions as aftermarket management, fleet management, technical writing and training. And the unique Ferris program gives you the opportunity to complete your entire third and fourth years while still working full- or part-time.
If you want to take a leading role in the aviation, aerospace and IT industries, the Bachelor of Aviation (Technology) from CQUniversity Australia may be for you. You will cover a wide range of theories and processes as well as undertake flight training, enabling you to gain a practical understanding of the industry.