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English literature is a broad, accessible and important subject that offers connections to many other kinds of cultural enquiry. This wide-ranging course draws on diverse historical and cultural settings and a rich variety of texts and approaches – from poetry to fiction to film revealing the extraordinary scope of English literature and its significance today.
Let the Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) foster your passion and develop your skills in forming critical arguments, conducting research, and documenting evidence. This major will encourage you to be analytical and to develop a clear and expressive writing style in a range of modes.
The National University Bachelor of Arts in English with a Preliminary Single Subject Credential provides a rigorous education that prepares candidates for a career as a teacher of English at the middle and secondary school levels.
As a student in Athabasca University‘s English program, you will read a wide range of works from diverse genres, countries, and historical periods, analyze forms, styles, and ideas in terms of a variety of literary theories, from feminist to postcolonial. You will exercise and develop skills in critical thinking, interpretation, and writing.
With a bachelor's degree in English, gain the analytical, critical, and communication skills to help you succeed in graduate study or an in-demand career. Like other liberal arts degrees, a bachelor's degree in English from University of Maryland University College offers a solid base of critical thinking on which to build a career or further graduate study. Your degree can prepare you for jobs in education, law, publishing, journalism, public relations, business, or management. If you are intrigued by the study of language and literature, the English major may be right for you.
Turn your Enrolled Nurse (Division 2) qualification into a Registered Nurse (Division 1). This course includes biological, behavioural and nursing sciences, and is organised around the study of individuals within families and the community.
Reach Higher is a degree completion program designed for working adults who want to finish an associate degree. Using your existing college credits you can develop a personalized degree completion plan that will work with your schedule..
This degree program is designed to equip graduates with a practical, hands-on understanding of what it takes to run a successful business in today‘s business environment. Students will learn about leveraging and a variety of business opportunities into viable business entities.
This major is designed for enterprising individuals who want to start their own business or work as corporate entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can be found in many types of workplace. What they all have in common is ambition, hard work, an ability to think outside the square, and the love of a personal challenge.
With a focus on climatology, ecology and conservation, the Bachelor of Science (Environment and Sustainability) is designed for those of you wanting to explore environmental science, biodiversity conservation, and practical aspects of climate change mitigation and adaptation and natural resource management for more a sustainable future.
We are one of the few departments that meets the Geological Society's recommendation of a minimum of 100 days of fieldwork in a BSc programme. This is a commitment that many full-time courses do not match and, at present, we are the only part-time geology programme that does.
WKU is in the midst of a transformation - physical, intellectual, cultural and economic – and is becoming A Leading American University with International Reach. Whether in a neighboring community or in a distant country, WKU faculty and students are engaged in relevant applied research that provides solutions to real problems.
How can we best manage the environment, given the pressures that threaten its future? How can we use technology to design more sustainable practices? The Environmental Management and Technology (Honours) course is offered at The Open University UK.
UF Online‘s Environmental Management degree gives students a solid grounding in the areas of hydrology, soil science, pest management, water resources, and agricultural ecology. 
The BSc in Environmental Management is an integrated, interdisciplinary program that provides the skills, knowledge and tools to identify and assess the qualitative, scientific, and technical components of environmental issues. Students will acquire and apply relevant skills and knowledge in the fields of environmental ecology, atmospheric and ocean sciences, geomorphology, soil sciences, environmental hydrology and remediation.
Tackle emergencies and manage resources to avert disaster with an online environmental management degree. Environmental issues like global warming, air quality, and water scarcity are central to the safety, health, and security of our nation and of its citizens. In University of Maryland University College's award-winning, hands-on environmental management bachelor's degree program, you'll learn to plan, implement, and control all facets of environmental management, using professional models and techniques.
Pursue a path to sustainability by acquiring green-related knowledge and skills that could make you an asset to employers in a variety of settings.
Your passion for sustainable solutions drew you to a career within the environmental sector. To realize the change you‘d like to see, you need a balance of practical knowledge and real-world application. This approach is exercised throughout the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Practice curriculum, and especially in the final phase of the program where you select to complete either a 75-hour practicum or major research paper.
This degree is for students interested in environmental policy and analysis as well as environment management including stewardship of natural resources, pollution management, fish and wildlife management, and hazardous materials.
This degree is for students interested in environmental policy and analysis as well as environment management including stewardship of natural resources, pollution management, fish and wildlife management, and hazardous materials.