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Banking has been, and will continue to be, a profession with excellent opportunities for career progression. This BSc in Banking Management aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to work in the Banking and Financial services more broadly.
The Banking course at The Cyprus Institute of Marketing, BVI (Distance-Learning Studies) aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge in banking and financial services. Due to globalisation and technological change, the banking sector has transformed tremendously in recent years. Therefore banking is becoming a rapidly changing and highly competitive sector in most modern economies globally.
Vilniaus Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences is the largest accredited higher professional education institution in Lithuania. It offers the Bachelor in Banking degree course.
The way we behave. The way we think. The way we react and interact. When you study psychology, you'll begin to understand the science behind human behaviour – and how we can use this science to solve practical problems in all sorts of situations.
The study of biology introduces students to the diversity of life, the chemical processes and adaptations shared by species, and the interaction of species with their environment.
This minor is a natural companion to careers in chemistry, psychology, environmental studies, genetics, science education, or perhaps even computer science and engineering. Students in other fields, including marketing, government, politics, or law, will find that biology coursework encourages critical thinking and observation skills as well as providing rich content.
The UF Online Bachelor of Arts in Biology (BAB) degree program furnishes students with broad training in biology while providing enough flexibility to specialize in particular subdisciplines.
The Biomedical and Physiological Sciences FDSc is offered by the University of Westminster.
The Honours degree in Biomedical Science is designed to provide students with the foundations necessary for research in Health Science disciplines, including Biomedical Science, and to gain greater expertise during two semesters full-time study (or equivalent). Candidates will be required to submit a research thesis on work undertaken as part of the honours course.
This course provides an integrated approach to examining contemporary issues in health and disease. Students gain underpinning theoretical knowledge as well as practical laboratory experience in a range of discipline areas inlcuding anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, microbiology and molecular and cellular biology.
Breakthrough technology for the future: With an online bachelor's degree in biotechnology, help develop innovations in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, and biomedical fields. Professionals in biotechnology come up with answers to a host of humanity's problems–from Ebola to failing crops. With a bachelor's degree in biotechnology from University of Maryland University College, you can become a part of the solution.
The mission of the undergraduate psychology degree specialization in behavior analysis is to produce skilled behavior analysts who meet the needs of the community and contribute to science and practice of behavior analysis. 
This programme provides students with a rigorous understanding of the principles and practice involved in building surveying up to Bachelor's degree standard.This programme is delivered by supported online learning and is therefore hugely flexible as it can be studied in any location as any time.
City University of Seattle offers a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A) program. The program is built on a solid core of management education combined with coursework that provides a broad understanding of business. The B.S. in Business Administration program surveys the contemporary business disciplines of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, law and international relations. Students strengthen skills in communication and decision-making and learn about the central importance of behavioral factors in business.
These days computing underpins all businesses and the two disciplines are fundamentally connected. On this course you develop a broad understanding of business activity and focus on the influence of business and computing concepts in achieving a business‘s strategic objectives.
Business and law are at the centre of most business decision making. As well as developing a broad understanding of business activity you will gain an understanding of the values, principles and rules of English law, and the influence of this on contemporary organisations.
Our course is designed to develop your existing knowledge of business and management. You will explore and apply management theories and techniques to business problems, developing policies and strategies to deal with these issues. You will have the opportunity to evaluate strategic and operational issues facing international and multinational companies
Our course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of business, how it works and can be managed. It will assist you in gaining the skills and knowledge to plan and control operations in business organisations. It is delivered online making it accessible to you anywhere in the world (all your material is available over the web and in text books) and will give you an excellent start to your career as a business professional.
Provides students with a strong foundation in accounting theory and principles as well as practical skills in accounting and related areas.
Delivered 100% online, this degree will develop your management skills while exploring the internal and external business environment. When you finish you will be an adaptable ‘all-rounder‘ – essential in a modern, ever changing business world.