Online Bachelor's Degree Programs in Switzerland

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The UBIS Dual Swiss/U.S. Bachelor in Business Administration, University of Business and International Studies Geneva offers a comprehensive education with two components of specialized courses in business administration and international business.
Aimed at those planning to work in, or are already working in the events industry, this Distance Learning course provides students with an in-depth understanding of strategies and requirements for the creation and design of all types of events including meetings, conferences, conventions and special events.
International Business Administration Bachelor of Science degree is the first step into your academic path and career in business. In the modern world, to be a highly successful business leader, you need to be able to understand every aspect of business, which comprise such elements as finance, marketing and human resources management. The programme is offered by Montreux Business University.
The UBIS Dual U.S./SWISS Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BA-IR) offers a comprehensive education with two sets of specialized courses that cover international relations and international business. Students will learn not only about politics, history, IR theory, international organizations and foreign affairs, but also about project budgeting, project management, marketing and performance evaluation techniques that are commonly used in both business and non-profit environments.
The University Undergraduate Study of Nursing is based on scientific and professional training of students with mentors' supervision in specialised exercises. 
Physiotherapy is an autonomous profession whose practitioners should work in an open and equal professional relationship with other health professionals. The Physiotheraphy programme is offered at the Department of European Studies "Jean Monnet"" (Locarno)."
Our long-distance Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in Sustainable Business program is a three-year part-time program for experienced business professionals or teaching scholars. We offer an exciting cohort-based approach with a facilitated action learning and research approach focused on supporting organizations in the sustainability journey by providing historical analysis and relevant transformational support.