Online Doctorate's Degree Programs in Portugal

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The DPE-UP was created after the Bologna process, and was conceived taking into account not only the existing experience but the recommendations of the European Qualification Framework. The program assumes a close connection with the Centre for Research and Intervention in Education and is now established as an international program in association with State University of Rio de Janeiro.
O Programa de Doutoramento em Economia tem como objectivo central proporcionar formação que permita o acesso a actividades profissionais de elevada exigência técnica e científica, possibilitando aos novos doutorados prosseguir carreiras de nível internacional na área de Economia.
The research areas of PhD in Information Sciences are Journalism and Media Studies, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations and Information Systems, Technology and Management.
This PhD will provide you the cutting edge knowledge on Business and management theory and the necessary tools, methodologies and research strategies for your developing relevant and impactful research in your specific area of interest in business or management.
The PhD Economic and Organizational Sociology was established by the Technical University of Lisbon in 1991 and adapted to the European Higher Education Area in 2009. This 3rd cycle course aims to provide high quality academic training in economic and organizational sociology and produce original research in this field.