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The global financial crisis of 2008 has exposed the vulnerability of the banking and financial sector, and continues to raise complex issues regarding lending and the management of assets. There is no better time to study first-hand the causes and effects of the failure of numerous major financial institutions. As we move forward, high-caliber finance managers will continue to be in demand as opportunities for improvement and better practices arise.
Students enjoy an exceptional environment at Dauphine due to its human scale and consolidation on a single site for all types of activities: educational, scientific, associative. Many conferences, cultural events and festivals, and community life rhythm of daily life and provide many opportunities to broaden their scientific training to culture and sports.
The distance learning MBA programme in Banking at The Cyprus Institute of Marketing, BVI (Distance-Learning Studies) covers the monetary and financial systems, giving students a broad understanding of the banking environment, both the domestic and the global.
The behavior analysis program focuses on the philosophies of behaviorism, the theory and methodology of behavior analysis, basic and applied research in human behavior, basic research in animal behavior, application of behavioral principles to organizational administration and consultation, instructional design and technology, parent and teacher training, and clinical populations, participatory governance and fiscal management.
The University of Liverpool Online MSc in Big Data Analytics is designed to provide you with the skills to capitalise on the potential of big data and analytics to transform business decision-making and planning. Read more at
The ESL graduate certificate prepares candidates for a career as an English as a second language (ESL) classroom teacher, ESL resource teacher, or a teacher responsible for providing ESL instruction and support in the regular classroom or special settings. Candidates gain the knowledge, skills and dispositions for developing ESL skills across reading, writing, and listening, and for involving community and families as partners.
The Bilingual Education program is offered by the Texas A&M International University.
The purpose of this programme is to provide a comprehensive training for teachers of bilingual centres in which English is used as a common language to teach non-linguistic subjects. The contents of the training include linguistic theory, methodology in language and social science teaching, and methodology in education.
The MA Bilingualism and Multilingualism at University of Wales Trinity Saint David is a unique postgraduate qualification offered through distance learning provision, being the first degree of its kind offered in Europe and part of the University‘s mission to contribute to the range of initiatives in the field of language planning and bilingual/ multilingual development, both in Wales and elsewhere.
Enhance your skill set, increase your earning potential, and learn about new technology and modeling approaches for biopharmaceutical production and development with a graduate degree in biochemical engineering.
The Nordic Masters program in Biodiversity and Systematics offered at Stockholm University aims at providing you with the taxonomic skills needed to work on Biodiversity and its conservation in the future.
This online learning programme provides an interdisciplinary approach to conservation management. It draws together expertise from within the University of Edinburgh's Global Health Academy and partner global associates, to deliver first class teaching and research in the field of Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health.
Explore how engineering principles can be applied to biological challenges, work with the latest nanoscale applications, and learn about the innovations that are driving the world of nanotechnology. The Master of Liberal Arts, Bioengineering and Nanotechnologies degree is offered by Harvard University.
Our approach integrates strengths in engineering, veterinary and human medicine, and the sciences to transcend typical boundaries, enhance learning, provide breadth and depth to bioengineering education and research.
The key ingredients to a successful experience in an online educational program are the quality of the students and the dedication of the faculty. Our students typically have advanced or professional degrees in a variety of disciplines and they hail from all over the country (and even a few from outside the US).
Is genetic enhancement of humans ethically justified? Should we proceed with research trying to clone people? Does the fact that we can prolong someone's life in a permanent vegetative state mean that we should? For decades, the growth of scientific knowledge and technical ability in medicine, genetics and the biological sciences has led to many such perplexing ethical questions.
Johns Hopkins University offers an innovative graduate degree program that prepares students for success in the field of bioinformatics. Drawing upon the strengths of the Johns Hopkins‘ Biotechnology and Engineering, the program creates a rigorous bioinformatics curriculum that brings together the computer science, biosciences and bioinformatics disciplines.
Through the graduate program in Bioinformatics from Harvard University, you‘ll learn to blend expertise in computational and biological sciences, leading to a deeper understanding in areas like genomics, diseases, and drug discovery.
Rapidly increasing knowledge of the molecular biology of the cell has led to bioinformatics, a new discipline that transforms traditional biology into an information science. The School of Engineering's Master of Science in Bioinformatics program prepares students to manage and study data from the explosion of information from the life sciences.As the global bioinformatics market is expected to be worth $15.91 billion by 2021, demand for professionals in personalized healthcare, energy, agriculture, bioremediation, and biodefense continues to see a substantial increase. This program provides its students with the requisite expertise to fill that demand, enhancing their ability to manage and study data from the explosion of information from the life sciences. 
The Master of Science (MS) degree is a thesis based degree for those individuals who want to pursue an advanced research-oriented degree beyond the BS. Students are required to write a thesis and defend it at the final oral examination. A minor is required.