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This programme is designed to provide students with a clear understanding of the scientific principles underlying the field of cancer therapeutics and the development, evaluation and implementation of new treatments. By the end of the course, in addition to expertise covering the full arsenal of cancer therapeutics, you will be equipped with a thorough knowledge of cancer biology and pathology, research methodologies, drug development, and regulatory issues.
The online MSc in Carbon Management is a ground-breaking development of the award-winning campus-based MSc in Carbon Management programme at the University of Edinburgh.
Career and Technical Education (CTE) plays a major role in responding to the charge of educating youth today. By recognizing the rapidly changing role of teachers in a global economy and a technological world, we are continually working to provide educational opportunities for teachers, which increase their productivity in the classroom and helps them grow professionally.
The Master of Arts in Career and Technical Education (CTE), offered by the Department of Technology, is 100 percent online. This degree program is a good choice for those with a bachelor's degree who are interested in Career and Technical Education (formerly known as Vocational Education). The degree is 30 credit hours, and no thesis is required. Courses are offered year round.
This flexible Master's degree offers you an opportunity to design a customized program of study, in consultation with an advisor, to meet your individual educational needs. This degree program is designed to prepare you for a career in career and technical education.
This Master's degree in Career Management and Coaching from Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics offers a unique combination of in-depth study of career management, counselling and coaching with practical training in career coaching skills.
This is a taught programme at Queen's University Belfast that sets out to nurture emerging and innovative professionals working and caring for children and young people with complex health needs and supporting families. 
The Master of Catechesis, a professional degree concentrating on catechesis and the Catholic tradition, is designed for adults intending to or presently serving the Church.
The MA in Celtic Studies from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David is a unique distance learning programme which offers students interested in Welsh and Celtic Studies the opportunity to study various aspects of the history, literature and cultural heritage of the Celtic regions in their own homes.
Ceramics aims to develop individual abilities within the subject, whether through practice or historical or theoretical study. Whether you want to specialise in sculpture and installation, or studio ceramics and product design, studying Ceramics at Bath School of Art and Design gives you the opportunity to develop individual abilities in the subject through a wide range of disciplines, like hands-on practice, or historical and theoretical study.
As technology, communication, supply costs and the economic environment continuously change, supply chains grow longer and more complex. As a result, purchasing managers must be agile, more informed and capable of developing proactive supply management strategies that align with an organization‘s competitive objectives.
In today‘s complex global economy, the financial advantages of extending areas of the supply chain into new markets generally outweigh the risks. Supply chain globalization has transformed how and where value is created – globalization is now embedded directly into an organization‘s value proposition.
This course is designed for managers operating at a strategic level in the workplace. This online course will develop their strategic management and leadership skills and how to implement these models into their organisation‘s strategy.
Michigan State‘s Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Logistics teaches you how to reduce costs across the supply chain, driving operational excellence throughout all levels.
The Chartered Banker MBA is a ground breaking new qualification which allows individuals to gain a top MBA in Banking as well as ‘Chartered Banker‘ status, awarded by the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Scotland. This is the highest award available to bankers. Bangor Business School is the only institution in the UK which can offer this dual qualification.
The part-time distance learning BEng/MEng courses are closely aligned with the full-time courses, featuring access to the same resources and materials alongside virtual webinars, video lectures and electronic forums. The Department of Chemical & Process Engineering is one of the largest such departments in the UK. We have strong links with employers worldwide and we're particularly pleased with our graduates‘ excellent record of achievement.
Chemical Engineering is a broad discipline that employs tools from chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology to carry out molecular transformation of low value raw materials to high added final products in a cost-efficient, safe and environmentally benign fashion. Due to this broad-based training in the application of the basic sciences, Chemical Engineers who graduate from Lehigh go on to play important roles in research and industry.
Master Degrees (Research) prepare students to apply advanced knowledge for research, scholarship and further learning corresponding to AQF level 9 qualifications. This research course develops through the conduct of a supervised research project the ability of a suitably qualified candidate to contribute to the knowledge and practice of engineering. At the completion of the assigned project the candidate submits a written thesis presenting the results of their work and discussing the significance for the pertinent field of engineering.
Villanova University's Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (MSCHE) program is intended to supplement the education of full-time practicing chemical engineers.
In the first semester, students may choose four units from a variety of options, followed by two further units and a design project in second semester. The final semester consists of a research project of students choice. The individual study plan will depend on the availability and sequence of units within the program and will be subject to approval by the appropriate senior academic. This course provides an advanced professional qualification for engineering or applied science graduates (not usually chemical engineering).