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The course offers flexibility with a professional qualification, enabling successful graduates to practice as qualified youth work and community development workers in the UK.
The aim of the Master's Degree is to consolidate a permanent range of courses in the area of research, intervention and public policies concerning youth. It is a course that is both interdisciplinary and interuniversity, and it hopes to attract the professionals, researchers and teachers who work or plan to work in this sector. 
The online Youth Development Leadership Program in the College of Health, Education, and Human Development at Clemson University is moving forward to address the need for providing strong, effective leaders equipped to optimize the skills of youth and create a culture where youth thrive and are nurtured to become productive citizens of healthy communities in our society.
The Master of Arts in Youth Development, is a collaborative, multiinstitutional program offered totally online. This degree is designed to promote an understanding of communities and families and to prepare students to have an impact on the development of youth in their homes, neighborhoods, and society.
The Master of Youth Mental Health is designed for professionals working in health related fields and aims to enhance their capacity to deliver services that assist young people experiencing mental ill-health by providing the latest theory, research and evidence-based approaches in this area.