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A good children‘s book stays with you for life. Study the key critical and business contexts of children‘s literature and prepare for a lifelong career as a writer, teacher, publisher or scholar.
This Masters degree at Queen's University Belfast is linked to the Centre for Children's Rights (CCR), which has an international reputation in the area of children's rights with a focus on the implementation of children's rights, child participation, education, social care and the children with disabilities.
The Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law programme, launched by the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, is designed to meet the strong demand for useful knowledge in Chinese business law in a context where law and business are intertwined, and to provide relevant cross-border and comparative perspectives. The course contents have broad coverage and emphasize practicality to help students gain a solid understanding of Chinese business law.
The programme is delivered through the University of Edinburgh‘s virtual learning environment, and, being online, is designed to give you the freedom to study flexibly.
NUI Galway offers scholarships for some Masters students – please click here to see if you are eligible for this funding. This Master of Health Sciences programme is aimed at preparing you to engage in chronic illness prevention and management.
This Master's Degree in Chronicity and Dependency aims to train up healthcare professionals whoare motivated and committed to our healthcare system. Trends in society (ageing, chronicity, etc.), in technology (new therapies, new drugs, etc.), and in the economy (greater pressure on public resources)present us with the challenge of equipping healthcare professionals with a new skill set that will enable them to take part in the planning, management and assessment of health programmes in Catalonia.
Are you a professional or volunteer working between state and market with an interest the principles of human rights? This work-based programme offers in-depth views of Globalisation and Migration; Leadership, Equality and Social Responsibility.
In this MA programme, students explore political and philosophical debates that have influenced and shaped learning and teaching in citizenship, history and religious education. Students focus on their subject specialism, and are encouraged and enabled to critically reflect on principles and issues that relate to policy and professional practice.
The M.S. in Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering) teaches professionals to understand and execute the broad array of technical and non technical activities associated with construction engineering and facilities management. 
Civil and Environmental Engineering offers some of the most exciting career opportunities. We are educating professionals who will be responsible for creating a sustainable world by being planners, designers, constructors, and operators of the built and natural environment. Our graduates are expected to be leaders in the discussions and decisions shaping the public environmental and infrastructure policy.
UW CEE‘s Construction, Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure (CESI) program was recently formed from the original Construction MSCE degree program. As the name implies, a wide range of specialization is allowed and includes construction, energy and sustainable infrastructure.
Water is vital. Life on earth would be impossible without water. But water can also be life-threatening. Consider the destructive power of rivers which burst their banks, or polluted drinking water sources. 
Modern civil engineering professionals often require an extensive understanding of construction management due to the strategic benefits it can bring to both individuals and project teams.
Modern civil engineering professionals often require an extensive understanding of construction management due to the strategic benefits it can bring to both individuals and project teams.
Master Degrees (Research) prepare students to apply advanced knowledge for research, scholarship and further learning corresponding to AQF level 9 qualifications.
This fully accredited MSc programme helps graduate engineers to acquire advanced capabilities and in-depth knowledge across a range of civil-engineering disciplines, including bridge engineering, construction management, and geotechnical, structural and water engineering.
The Master of Civil Engineering program from Norwich University honors that commitment by providing working adults who may currently work as professional engineers or in engineering-related fields with the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience needed to assume leadership positions within their organizations or to run their own companies.
The Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering offers a rigorous online master‘s degree in Structural Engineering for qualified working professionals who hold an ABET accredited undergraduate degree from a U.S. College or University.
The Master of Arts (Classical Arabic) at Charles Sturt University enables students to develop proficiency in reading, writing and speaking Arabic so they can understand the Qur'an in its original Arabic language, and enhance other Islamic studies.
The online M.A. in Classical Studies Part 1 at The Open University UK explores and compares ancient and modern technologies used for explaining important events that took place in the period of Ancient Rome and Greece. The Master‘s degree offers students a wide understanding of the ancient world. Specialise in Greek or Latin language and learn more about classical archaeology.