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If you‘re heading for a diplomatic career or you‘re a professional diplomat requiring additional training, this is the course for you. The aim of the Diplomatic Studies MA and diploma is to skill those wishing to pursue careers in government, defence work, international organisations, journalism, teaching and those wishing to proceed to a research degree.
This degree will provide you with the knowledge, language, and transferable skills necessary to prepare you for entry to practical training in diplomacy or a related profession. By taking the MA in Diplomatic Studies you will develop your understanding of the key modes and functions of diplomacy, in both contemporary and historical contexts.
El Master in International Business (MADI-UC3M) es un programa que tiene como objetivo formar profesionales capaces de promover la internacionalización de sus empresas, diseñando, implantando y dirigiendo el proceso de apertura de nuevos mercados, bien a través del comercio exterior o mediante la implantación empresarial.
The MA in Disaster and Emergency Management program is a two-year interdisciplinary degree dedicated to educating both aspiring and existing disaster and emergency management professionals. The program explores the theoretical foundations of disaster and emergency management as a growing field of practice and study.
Provides the emergency services practitioner with a broad understanding of the challenges associated with coordinating the scene of a major incident or disaster, and providing leadership and support to those involved.
This distinctive masters in Disaster Healthcare is the only course of its kind and is aimed at experienced healthcare professionals working in the humanitarian field, or those who aspire to do so.
The EMDM, Master of Science in Disaster Medicine, is a level-two master programme jointly organised by CRIMEDIM, the Research Center in Emergency and Disaster Medicine of the Università  del Piemonte Orientale (UPO) and ReGEDiM, the Research Group on Emergency and Disaster Medicine of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). 
This program applies recognised disaster management practices, providing graduates with the unique ability to work on approaches to building disaster resilience in context specific situations.
This innovative MSc in Dispute Resolution offered at Queen Margaret University gives professionals with an interest in dispute resolution a deep understanding of both theory and practice in this crucial area.
In the distance education policy and management specialization at University of Maryland University College, you'll gain a solid foundation in both business management and distance education leadership principles that you can apply to a wide range of institutions and programs. You'll learn how to develop new programs, evaluate existing programs, implement programs in developing countries, and help organizations compete in the global marketplace of distance education.
The recent rapid growth of distance education–and e-learning–in both public and private education, as well as in the training sectors, has created an enormous demand for qualified professionals. Get the comprehensive, practical knowledge you need to lead the distance education enterprise within educational, business, government, and non-profit organizations.
Master the demands associated with emerging information and communication technologies. Your advanced skills in this growing field will ensure your leadership position. The specialization is grounded in the core course – OMDE 610 Teaching and Learning in Online Education. Managing online teaching requires some mastery of the instructional design process as well as the integration of the appropriate selection of media.
Athabasca University‘s Master of Education in Distance Education (MEd) program is one of the oldest graduate programs in distance education. Established in September 1994, its primary focus is on the fields of distance education and training–learning that helps students overcome the barriers of time and space. Distance education and training are rapidly expanding fields and indicators point to their continued and steady growth well into the future.
With 30 years‘ experience in delivering excellence in distance learning, our Distance learning MBA over two to four year offers you the opportunity to balance your study alongside your working life. 
This is an innovative Shakespeare Institute programme that focuses on how Shakespeare's plays work in performance. It encourages a historical approach to interpretation and styles of presentation and it promotes the value of close reading as the basis for evaluating the plays on the page, stage, and screen.
The MSc Distributed Systems and Networks gives you strong technical expertise and practical skills in designing, managing and evaluating computer networks, distributed systems and system security, helping you develop a highly successful specialism. This Distributed Systems and Networks programme is offered by The University of Hertfordshire.
This MS in Document Analysis course offered by University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) is designed to enable graduate students and forensic practitioners to develop the theoretical knowledge underpinning forensic document examination and provide intensive training and practical experience.
The Drama and Theatre Arts department offers promising candidates the opportunity to carry out research in a dynamic environment which allows students, scholars and theatre practitioners to work together to achieve a new breadth and depth in the study of drama. It also takes advantage of Birmingham's exceptional resources for theatre research as well as the University's links with world-class theatre in Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon, London and beyond.
Explore the rich tapestry of literature and performance in the dramatic arts. Study theoretical and literary perspectives, and performance techniques through engaging projects and collaborative workshops. The Master of Liberal Arts, Dramatic Arts degree from Harvard University consists of nine courses–three of which you take to gain admission–and a thesis.
The course is aimed at practising drilling engineers. It focuses on the concept of effective well construction, and aims to develop high levels of professional skill in the key areas of well design, drilling and operations management.