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Washington State University is educating a new generation of strategic thinkers who are reinventing how business is conducted. They advance, lead and succeed in a constantly evolving world.
Webster University's master of Business Administration program is designed for people like you on a fast track to success
Our MBA is designed to meet your professional needs and to fit around your work, your family and your lifestyle. The Deakin MBA offers you the option to study on campus, in the Cloud (online) and through experiential delivery options.
Clarkson's online Master of Business Administration: Practical solutions to full-time working professionals. Allows individuals from all backgrounds to earn their MBA at a pace that works with demanding lifestyles. People benefit from the flexibility of online courses rather than from the atmosphere provided by traditional learning.
Business Administration-Distance Learning (e-MBA) from Izmir University of Economics is a special program designated for those who want to integrate further education into their professional and personal life, while they maintain work-family life balance at the very same time. In our e-MBA program, all virtual classes are conducted live, providing the students with high interactivity similar to a physical class
The MSc in Business Analysis and Consulting offered by University of Strathclyde has been developed to equip you with the practical, evaluative and analytical skills to allow you, as a future manager or consultant, to influence and develop strategy and performance within organisations.
The NYU Stern MS in Business Analytics is the only premier global degree program of its kind designed for senior level professionals focused on the intersection of business strategy and data science.
Become a business analytics professional capable of driving business growth through analytics-based solutions.
USQ's Master of Business and Innovation (Big Data and Visualisation) will give you a greater understanding about how data can link business to predict consumer buying trends, producing solutions that match the data of your target market and understanding information.
USQ‘s Master of Business and Innovation (Crisis Management) will extend your expertise in the area of crisis communication.
USQ‘s Master of Business and Innovation (Digital Transformation) specialisation will focus on best practice in business intelligence, design, systems and practical application in digital transformation project.
Emerge as a leader in strategic human resources management and leadership techniques with USQ‘s Master of Business and Innovation (Enterprise Leadership). Throughout your studies you will gain a greater understanding of employee engagement, meeting and improving business and performance goals, top management dynamics, corporate governance and sustainable performance.
Delve deeper in the world of finance with USQ‘s Master of Business and Innovation (Finance). Within this specialisation you will gain a deeper understanding of the Australian and global markets.
Delve deeper into topics including international marketing, international human resource management, emerging markets and international relations.
Explore public relations as a management function and best practice approaches with USQ‘s Master of Business and Innovation (Professional Communication).
Our Sustainable Business specialisation will give you the knowledge and skills to successfully implement sustainable business practices, including environmental law, biodiversity, conservations, environmental studies, sustainable economies.
The Master of Business and Innovation is an advanced cross disciplinary academic program that aims to build and extend business related skills in two specialised areas. It provides students with the ability to match their specialisations with their career goals.
Our MSc Business and Management Masters degree at University of Essex Online offers an advanced qualification that is designed to equip you with a thorough understanding of modern management concepts and techniques. It prepares you to face the challenges of managing and working in a variety of organisations, both within Europe and internationally.
Our online degree is designed especially for business and marketing educators at the middle school, high school, and postsecondary levels who are seeking an advanced credential or further professional opportunities.
The Master‘s Programme in Business and Organizational Psychology at the Institute of Executive Capabilities, Steinbeis University Berlin, allows you to begin your studies at several points in the year. The programme gives you a great opportunity to get acquainted with essential functional and management expertise and equip you with the personal skills you need to leave your mark in the increasingly complex world of commercial practice.