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The MSc Advancing Physiotherapy Practice at Queen Margaret University aims to help you thrive in health and social contexts where the pace of change is high and professionals need to be dynamic and proactive to meet the needs of the individuals that they work with.
The MSc in Advancing Practice at University of the West of Scotland is a flexible programme that is open to healthcare professionals seeking a qualification that is contemporary and relevant to practice.
Study on a flexible course designed to meet your professional development needs and career aspirations. You choose the topics or modules that suit your individual requirements, helping you to progress to more advanced roles, while studying at a pace that suits you.
Advertising Strategy and Planning from Falmouth University course structure is designed to enable you to undertake a comprehensive, searching, in depth examination of advertising practice.
The current design practice in aerospace and mechanical engineering relies on a number of numerical tools to simulate structures, heat transfer, and fluid flows (e.g., NASTRAN, FLUENT, etc.) as well as mathematical packages for analyzing data (e.g., MAPLE, MATLAB, etc.).
UF EDGE offers online master's degrees from seven of our gator engineering departments with multiple degree program tracks (emphasized areas of study) available in these seven majors.
The M.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering is designed to give students exposure to at least two different areas of Aerospace Engineering through concentration and breadth requirements, while at the same time allowing students to pursue their interests through flexibility in the selection of technical electives.
The Aesthetic Dentistry MSc is an innovative programme that will give you the skills and knowledge to provide high-quality functional dental restorations with optimal aesthetic value. The course focuses on training you to provide dental care where there is a clinical need to restore oral health and function, and also covers cosmetic and facial techniques.
This master's degree has a dual track: a professional specialisation and an introduction to research.
The Master of Ageing and Pastoral Studies at Charles Sturt University will give you the skills and experience you need to make a real difference to people‘s lives. You will be able to lead in the delivery of effective and sensitive pastoral care for elderly people, ensuring they receive the spiritual support they need across a wide range of settings.
The Master of Ageing is designed to produce leaders in the emerging field of Ageing. The subjects proposed for this course adopt an interdisciplinary, international and intergenerational approach to respond to the complex and growing challenges of an ageing worldwide population.
Whether you work in the public or private sector, large or small organisation, the MSc Agile Software Projects from University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) is an opportunity to formalise your experience, develop your skill set and be at the forefront of technology process innovation.
The online Master of Arts in Aging Studies program is designed to provide a multidisciplinary education for future and current professionals in gerontology. Opportunities are available for students to gain exposure to specialized expertise in gerontological theory, research, practice, social policy issues, and the process of aging in a global and culturally diverse society.
Minnesota State Mankato's innovative Aging Studies program prepares students to have a meaningful impact on society by supporting individuals as they age.
The Rome Business School‘s Master in Agribusiness Management is the ideal academic course for professionals seeking a¬†world-class degree programme¬†in these disciplines, leading to a successful global career in the agro network field (production, seed and crop, harvest and stock in agriculture, market of commodities, food supply chain, food and wine business).
On the farm, at the grocery store or the gas station you can find agribusiness anywhere.
The Master of Agribusiness (MAB) graduate degree program focuses on food, animal health and agribusiness management. Not an MBA in agribusiness, and not an M.S. in Agricultural Economics, this professional degree focuses on mid-level agribusiness managers who need to make informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of current agribusiness issues.
The agricultural and extension education faculty offers master‘s programs for those desiring advanced study in teaching agriculture in public schools, communications and leadership, extension education or environmental technology.
The Master of Agricultural Business Management at Charles Sturt University aims to provide students with a well-developed understanding of issues in agricultural business by concurrently developing advanced, comprehensive skills in business, management and finance.
The master's degree program in agricultural communications provides a flexible program, which can be tailored to meet each student's unique situation. Specialization areas such as marketing, mass media, and public relations are also available through cooperation with the School of Media and Strategic Communications.