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Globalization has created a borderless economy with a host of new opportunities and challenges for those engaged in commerce and economic development.
This program aims to develop your practical knowledge of, and research skills in, local and international industries. 
Leaders in business and industry recognize the importance of communication, but few MBA programs offer communication courses. At the same time, communication professionals recognize the importance of good business practices, but programs rarely offer courses in business. The Master of Arts in Communication/MBA dual degree program was developed to fill that need.
This course is designed to produce highly competent communicators for the modern business and media world. Combining the theory with the practice of communication, it has a distinctive vocational orientation and focuses on English as the medium of communication. The course can be studied through campus-based learning or through distance learning.
The master's degree in Communication and Education (online) taught by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona aims at promoting the debate, critical and analytical focus and curiosity with respect to issues in communication and education. 
The Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership Studies is designed to provide graduate-level expertise for solving communication problems in modern organizations and social systems from a communication and leadership perspective, and prepare effective, ethical communicators who use critical thinking for positive local and global change.
Texas State‘s revolutionary approach puts the needs of working designers on equal footing with full-time students. The program favors next-generation technologies for e-learning over traditional methods to teach advanced problem-solving methodologies, updated technological advancement relating to communication design, and examination of historical events within the discipline.
Keeping pace with modern trends, be sure our international Master's Degree Program in Communication Design at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) is the right choice to proceed with. With the knowledge and practical skills acquired in our course, you will be a highly demanded expert. Start your career with us!
This Communication for Development programme at Malmö University is an interdisciplinary field of study and practice, combining studies on culture, communication and development and integrating them with practical fieldwork. It explores the use of communication – both as a tool and as a way of articulating processes of social change – within the contexts of globalisation.
The Communication Management degree programme at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences is designed to offer learning opportunities that enhance the skills and competencies of professionals working in the field of marketing, media or communications. Its design adheres to everyday business as well as communication disciplines most typically practiced in organizations (private/public) operating internationally and/or globally.
The Master of Communication Management program teaches concepts and skills relevant to today‘s communication professional. You will learn how to design and execute effective communication strategies and tactics across a range of settings, such as supporting a corporation in crisis to regain credibility, or crafting a compelling story for a non-profit organization, or researching new markets for an emerging brand. Throughout the program, you will enhance your critical thinking, presentation and writing skills, to be persuasive to colleagues and clients.
The program involves the in-depth study of the various disorders of communication coupled with practicum experience in the areas of study.
The Master of Science specialization in Communication Studies and Journalism - Communication Studies Specialization from the South Dakota State University is designed to provide advanced studies in the area of communication theory, research methodology, instructional methodology, and public address. It provides further professional preparation and competencies in the area of communication.The program provides broad-based, graduate degree for students with an undergraduate degrees in communication studies and related areas.
The Master of Science in Communication Studies and Journalism – Journalism Specialization from th South Dakota State University consists of advanced studies in journalism, advertising and public relations. The goal of the program is to expand and contribute to the knowledge of these academic fields rather than the knowledge of professional practice. This degree provides an introduction to research and advanced study in preparation for students seeking to move on to the doctoral level.
The School of Communication Studies offers programs of graduate study leading to the Master of Arts degree. The M.A. degree program is intended to provide a broad spectrum of knowledge about human communication in various social contexts and ways in which information is produced and processed.
The Master of Arts in Communication (MACom) at Bryant University is a career-focused program that provides you with the opportunity to discover and pursue your passion within the field.
Open the door to exciting new career opportunities with an online MS in Communication from Walden University. Explore the latest communication practices and theories; master the art of persuasive messaging; and learn to develop, execute, and measure effective communication plans using traditional and digital media.
Gain advanced analytical, research and communication skills by undertaking multi-disciplinary Master of Communication degree. Explore the different specialisations offered at Deakin University today.
All academic coursework in this MS Communicative Disorders program from California State University Northridge is offered 100% online. All clinical practicum experiences are completed at sites within the student‘s community. The clinical practicum experiences require students to be available for a minimum of 12 to16 hours per week during the three pediatric clinical practicum experiences. 
Designed with working professionals in mind, the Master of Arts in Community Development (MACD) will build and develop your capacity to become a successful leader in the civil society and social economy, whether you work or volunteer in non-profit, co-operative or community economic development organizations either locally or internationally.