Online Master's Degrees

Master's degree is not equal to Master's degree. As with online Bachelor's programs, there are also a lot of options for Master's program studies, but also different types of Master's studies. In addition to the usual consecutive Master’s, i.e. Master's degree courses, which are based on a previous Bachelor's degree, there are also dual Master’s, Master’s as remote students, and MBAs.

Dual Master

A dual Master's course enables you to gain professional experience in addition to your studies. You do not lose time, but often use your semester breaks to work in the company.

Master's as an e-learning course

The Master's as a postgraduate course allows you to study at your desk at home and at home. You are therefore not bound to any place of study and can determine your own learning time. However, you are required to work independently and to be self-disciplined.


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is probably the most important representative of the continuing education courses. The MBA is a management study which mainly prepares natural scientists, intellectuals and engineers for a career in management.

Master degrees

Globally, there are countless Master's degrees. In Europe, the degrees are limited to a smaller selection, including Master of Science, Master of Engineering, and a few others. However, in some countries there is a separate degree for almost every course of study. As a rule, Master's degrees provide the thematic orientation. For example, the Master of Science is often awarded for scientific degree programs, and the Master of Arts for humanistic sciences.

To help you find the right online degree program for you, we have compiled a database with over 5,400 online master's degrees from online colleges and universities around the world. Please make your selection from the lists below:

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