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Think of the construction of the great pyramids of Egypt, or the development of democratic rule in ancient Greece. Recall the innovations of the European Renaissance and Enlightenment–the remarkable flowering of drama and the arts, and revolutionary breakthroughs in science and philosophy. These are intriguing and important episodes, familiar to students of history. But haven't you also wondered: What else was going on in the world?
A History of European Art is your gateway to this visually stunning story. In 48 beautifully illustrated lectures you will encounter all the landmarks you would expect to find in a comprehensive survey of Western art since the Middle Ages. Works such as Giotto's Arena Chapel, Van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece, Leonardo's The Last Supper, Michelangelo's David, Vermeer's View of Delft, Van Gogh's The Starry Night, Picasso's Guernica, and hundreds more.
Economics is a subject which plays a part in everything from homes and small businesses to the macro-economics of nations, and the A Level Economics course gives you new perspectives on the way the world works and some of the most challenging problems affecting us today. Economics has the ability to shape our working and personal lives, and studying economics is an extremely broad field which can lead to a wide variety of lucrative careers. The A Level Economics course will give you a sound knowledge of economic principles.
The English Language A Level is a key asset if you are interested in any career that involves written and spoken communication and a comprehensive grasp of the English language. English is the number one language in the world of business and knowing how to convey your thoughts effectively and having the skills to understand nuance and subtleties in English can set you apart in the jobs market. An English A Level can also be essential for entry to many university courses.
The English Literature A Level course will open up the world of classic and contemporary literature, helping you to become a confident reader of a range of texts and improving your ability to respond to and analyse what you read. Studying English literature broadens your horizons intellectually and career-wise, as it helps you to develop valuable analytical and expressive skills that are highly prized by any employer.
With the Law A Level course you will learn how the law is created and administered. The study of law - fundamental to the smooth running of society - is a challenging but rewarding field. The law is highly complex and far-reaching, governing our behaviour and the ways we interact with institutions and each other in ways we may not even be aware of. Studying law is a way to learn how to analyse situations and apply legal rules and principles to make sense of the world.
A Mathematics A Level can lead to any number of educational and career opportunities. Learning maths is so valuable because mathematics forms the basis of so many systems and processes. Many occupational fields require advanced study of maths, making the A Level Mathematics course one of the most versatile you can study. 
The A Level Psychology course will give you fascinating insights into the human mind and what makes people tick. Psychology courses are increasingly popular both because of their intrinsic appeal and their value as a step on the way not just to careers in psychology, but careers in the health professions and any other employment sector that relies on people skills and communication.
The Sociology A Level course looks at the way society works and develops. The study of sociology is absorbing and highly practical, with applications in a wide range of professional and personal situations, from families and education to the media and crime. Sociology study is important because we all operate within society.
Life is stranger than fiction. Recent investigations hint at episodes in the history of life on Earth that rival the most imaginative movies. For example: Could our planet have been seeded with life from elsewhere? Did the development of life create conditions that threatened to poison the biosphere? How have natural forces conspired, over and over, to remove most traces of life from the planet? And how has life itself responded with determination to survive and thrive in a multitude of astonishing forms?
The fantastic scientific story behind these remarkable images is yours in A Visual Guide to the Universe, produced in partnership with the Smithsonian–one of the world‘s most storied and exceptional educational institutions. These 18 lavishly illustrated lectures that take you from our neighborhood of the solar system to the farthest reaches of space and time. Your guide is Professor David M. Meyer, an award-winning teacher, popular public speaker, and distinguished astronomer at Northwestern University.
Choosing to study the AAT Accounting Qualification with ICS will start you on the path to a successful accounting and finance career. Our combined AAT Level 2 Certificate & Level 3 Diploma in Accounting allows you to study the first two AAT qualification levels in one affordable package.
Choosing to study the AAT Accounting Qualification with ICS will start you on the path to a successful accounting and finance career. AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting is the intermediate level of the AAT Accounting Qualification. It offers technical training in accounting and its main purpose is to provide students with specialist knowledge and skills to gain employment in an accounting role and / or the opportunity to progress to further qualification in accountancy or a related field.
A century and a half after his death, the cadence, argument, and power of Abraham Lincoln's speeches still stir the heart of any American who encounters them. The speeches of Abraham Lincoln are a precious inheritance for all Americans, and for all the world. As he led the nation through its gravest crisis, Lincoln emerged as a master of eloquence without equal.
This online module is concerned with improving access to online learning for disabled students. We know of no other Master's-level module either in the UK or elsewhere that focuses specifically on accessible online learning. The Accessible online learning: supporting disabled students module is delivered by The Open University UK.
Completion of the Graduate Diploma of Accident Investigation at CQUniversity Australia will afford you advanced skills at systematically breaking down the factors leading to an accident and making the necessary findings and conclusions for prevention. As a student of this program you will complete an applied accident investigation project based on a 'real' accident reconstruction at the CQUniversity crash lab.
The Graduate Diploma of Accounting offered by Charles Sturt University allows students from a non-accounting background to build on their existing skills by combining professional accounting studies with broad-based business studies.
This Accounting (Graduate Diploma) from London School of Economics and Political Science is suitable for graduates of any discipline who, for professional or personal reasons, wish to secure a stand-alone qualification in accounting.
The minor, available to all students, is particularly designed for those who are majoring in a health or social service field and are interested in the addiction treatment field as a supplement to their major.
Explore how to deliver online adult education and how to create a virtual classroom, by considering best practices. Gain valuable insight into the world of online adult education by exploring what an online learning experience should be like and looking at practical examples and effective pedagogical approaches to online learning design.