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Underappreciated in his own time, Johann Sebastian Bach has ascended to Olympian heights in the estimation of generations of music lovers. But what is it about his music that makes it great? Composer and musicologist Robert Greenberg helps you hear the extraordinary sweep of Bach's music and understand his compositional language–whether you're a devoted admirer or a casual listener.
The focus of the Bacterial Biofilms and Their Role in Chronic Diseases online course at the University of Copenhagen is to provide the participants with a basic understanding of bacterial biofilms and of the health care problems related to infections involving bacterial biofilms. The participants will learn to describe and explain the basis for biofilms in chronic infections and to recognize relevant biofilm model system and interpret results thereof.
The Banking (Graduate Diploma) programme from London School of Economics and Political Science is suitable for graduates of any discipline who, for professional or personal reasons, wish to secure a stand-alone qualification in banking.
Basic Circuit Theory - It is a classic basic engineering course, common to different engineering course degrees, and regards at basic level the electric circuits, with nods to the main engineering applications. Despite this, it provides references to the main electromagnetic phenomena.
The Beauty Therapy and Make Up - UK course from International Career Institute (ICI) leads to the awarding of either a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma depending on which level you enrol at.
The Beauty Therapy and Make Up course from International Career Institute (ICI) leads to the awarding of a Diploma level certificate.
The history of colonial America is a story of extraordinary scope, with Europeans, Africans, and the native peoples of North America interacting in a drama of settlement and conflict that lasted nearly three centuries. In the midst of it, no one would have predicted that the profoundly different English colonies along the East Coast, separated by religion, politics, economics, and many other factors, would eventually join to form the United States of America.
The Beginners' Chinese programme is offered by The Open University UK.  
How did Judaism develop from its biblical roots to the highly developed system we know today? What has changed–and what has remained constant? The answers to these questions are relevant to all faiths, as well as to anyone seeking to broaden their understanding of ancient history–a past that is inexorably linked to the present.
In Behavioral Economics: When Psychology and Economics Collide, award-winning Professor Scott Huettel of Duke University leads you in a penetrating look at the processes of decision making that are an integral part of human life. In 24 revealing lectures, you‘ll study how behavioral economists look at decision making and explore a set of core principles that offer profound insight into how we gather information and integrate multiple factors to reach decisions.
This course will provide a formal qualification for members of the Police Service who work in the Risk Assessment Unit. The University Certificate in Behavioural Analysis is offered at Edith Cowan University.
Understanding our humanity–the very essence of who we are and how we live our lives–is one of the deepest mysteries and biggest challenges in modern science. Why do we have bad moods? Why are we capable of having such strange and vivid dreams? How can metaphors and symbols in our language hold such a powerful sway on our thoughts and actions?
What is it like to practice your faith in an environment dominated by another? To evolve as a people when all of the world around you moves to religious and cultural rhythms very different from your own? To maintain your unity as a living community–and always to be aware of that sense of community–even when your numbers have been scattered across many lands, without a common government, a common country, or even a common language?
What pieces of the distant past drift before your mind's eye when you think of ancient Mesopotamia? Perhaps it's the fabled hanging gardens of Babylon. Or is it entire populations paralyzed by fear before a ruthless invader? Maybe it's priests making sacrifices to the gods who rule over and protect their city.
The Biblical Studies and Ministry - UK course from International Career Institute (ICI) leads to the awarding of a Diploma level certificate.
The Biblical Studies and Ministry - USA course from International Career Institute (ICI) leads to the awarding of an Executive Diploma.
The Biblical Studies and Ministry course from International Career Institute (ICI) leads to the awarding of a Diploma level certificate.
In the history of wisdom literature, few traditions match the solace and profundity found in the teachings of the Bible. For centuries, people have taken comfort and insight from the familiar yet eternally resonant writings of the Bible's wisdom literature. Through their inspirational teachings, the sages of the biblical wisdom tradition offer time-honored advice about some of life's most difficult questions: What is the reward of virtue? What is the best way to raise one's children? How can we best deal with the uncertainty of life?
There is a fundamental skills gap in the field of eHealth and the integration of Big Data within healthcare. As these fields move constantly every day, the ability for professionals to keep abreast of the latest research and how to apply methods in product management is challenging.
Learn how to transform big data into business insights and solutions as you learn essential data science skills and tools to advance your career during this Big Data program offered by University of Adelaide.