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Two gifted teachers share the fruit of two lifetimes' worth of historical and literary expertise in this introduction to one of the greatest works ever written. One of the most profound and satisfying of all poems, the Divine Comedy (or Commedia) of Dante Alighieri (1265–1321) is a book for life.
Join the exciting search for these mysterious phenomena in Dark Matter, Dark Energy: The Dark Side of the Universe, a mind-expanding, 24-lecture course taught by Dr. Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist with a profound knowledge of the field. Starting with the early 20th-century work of Albert Einstein in theoretical physics and Edwin Hubble in observational astronomy, Dr. Carroll takes you through the key concepts of this revolutionary view of an expanding universe, concepts which have brought us–for the first time in history–to the brink of knowing what the universe is made of.
Published 150 years ago, Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species–the text that introduced the world to natural selection–is among a handful of books that have changed the world. Born amid a ferment of speculation about evolutionary scenarios in the early 19th century; vilified and later pronounced dead at the turn of the 20th century; and spectacularly confirmed by discovery after discovery in succeeding decades–natural selection ranks with the theories of Copernicus and Newton for its iconic stature in science.
If you are looking to enhance your efficiency in the office and improve your performance by making sense of data faster and smarter, then this "Data Analysis - Visualization and Dashboard Design"" course is for you."
This tutor-led ecological statistics course provides a thorough introduction to the key statistical principals and methods used by ecologists and field biologists. It will appeal to a variety of practitioners in environmental science and management who want to improve their ability to display ecological data, and to use descriptive and inferential statistics to analyse the results from field surveys.
An organisation‘s most valuable asset is often its data, but careful management is required to ensure the maximum benefit is achieved. In this Data management online module at The Open University UK you will acquire an understanding of the principles, practices and technologies required for data management across the data life-cycle, and an awareness of the emerging issues in data management.
This new course targets developers who want to be data scientists and leverage IoT. The course will be held over a period of three months and conducted mainly online.
Excel in Data Science, one of the hottest fields in tech today. Learn how to gain new insights from big data by asking the right questions, manipulating data sets and visualizing your findings in compelling ways. University of California, San Diego offers the Data Science course.
The blended learning course Data Scientist for Smart Buildings deals with methods and software for intelligent energy management (monitoring, analysis, simulation, optimization) in buildings or infrastructure based on measurement data resources.
The european power grid is facing massive challenges. The increasing amount of distributed renewable energy generation overthrows the known concepts of producers and consumers in the energy market - consumers turn to producers, traditional producers loosing their key incoming sources and turning torwards service providers. Volatile energy sources like wind and solar require the power grid to turn smart, in-order to keep the grid stability facing bottom-up energy and volatile flows.
Basic aspects of database design and management. Relational model for logic database design. Entity-relationship model for conceptual design.
Basic aspects of database design and management. Relational model for logic database design. Entity-relationship model for conceptual design.
The postgraduate diploma in Deaf Education provides training for qualified teachers who want to work within deaf education. It provides an evidence-based approach to meeting the diverse needs of deaf children.
The Death and Dying programme is offered by The Open University UK.  
Expand and enhance your science knowledge in all aspects of decontamination of flexible endoscopes, such as the preparation of the environment and the decontamination processes, packing, storage and traceability. Our distance learning course takes one trimester.
Most organisations have their fair share of fraud and corruption, and it affects all of us. As we know, what comes out in the press is the sharp tip of the iceberg. So can we really accept in these austere times to carry hidden costs and lose value through unethical behaviour perpetrated against us? At the School of Management we have decided to take a stand and teach what most business schools still do not teach... defence against the commercial dark side.
This University Advanced Diploma in Dementia Care will prepare you to fight back against this rapidly growing health problem and meet the specific care needs of individuals with Dementia. It will equip you with the skills to formulate an integrated healthcare plan for your service users.
The Dementia care programme is offered by The Open University UK.  
This Demographic Change, Ageing and Globalisation module from the University of Southampton provides you with a foundation of knowledge on demographic change and population ageing in a cross-cultural, global perspective.
This is a unique programme that offers professional training in population studies that emphasises health and social epidemiology. It aims to provide a broad training in the theories and methods of demography and population sciences and their application to health, social welfare and economic development. This Demography & Health by Distance Learning programme is offered by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.