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Kick-start your legal career with our online law conversion course, I-GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law: Supported Online Learning), from The University of Law designed for non-law graduates who want to become a solicitor or barrister.
IELTS Express is a fast online preparation course for the IELTS test. Our easy to use, step by step course takes 45 days to complete, covering all four IELTS modules. With over 100 activities and approximately 200 study pages, IELTS Express will boost your confidence and help improve your IELTS score.
IELTS Master Plus contains all the comprehensive content of IELTS Master, plus personalised assessment and feedback from qualified IELTS instructors.
The Macquarie University IELTS Test Centre offers three interactive online IELTS preparation courses. Each course is full of useful test tips, online activities and IELTS practice tests that cover all four IELTS modules.
This professional development course provides an overview of the new IFRS 16 standard and the key changes to how leases are accounted for by leasees. It also considers the issues faced by businesses when setting out to implement this new standard.
Students and professionals in science, design and technology have to develop and communicate concepts that are often difficult to comprehend for the public, their peers and even themselves. Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) offers the Image - Ability - Visualizing the Unimaginable course.
Learners enrolled in this Implementation of an IPC Program Plan course from Healthcare Learning Innovations will be exposed to the process of how to create and manage an Infection Prevention and Control program plan. Practical Job Aids and Learn-By-Doing exercises are provided to ensure the learner has the tools and practice experience to gain exposure to IPC program development.
Dental problems continue to cause much morbidity and incur large treatment costs despite effective preventative management being possible for most of these problems. In high income economies, historical patterns and complex vested interests have constrained change. This course unit aims to enable the system, within which dental services are planned and delivered, to understand the opportunities for improvement and to anticipate and address the barriers to change.
Over the last two decades, the desire for businesses to move into the import and export arena has grown and changed drastically in response to world developments, economic changes, consumer demands and advances in technology. The Import and Export Management course is offered by GetSmarter.
Physicists spend a lot of time thinking about impossible things, since probing the constantly shifting bounds between the possible and impossible is one of the best ways to discover unexpected phenomena and new laws of nature. And for nonscientists, exploring this extraordinary realm is one of the best introductions to the immensely rich subject of physics.
This Improving Customer Service program offered by Healthcare Learning Innovations will teach you new skills that will contribute to exceptional customer service. You'll practice these skills in a simulated scenario with a demanding customer. Most importantly, you'll be able to refine your interpersonal skills so that you can be more successful in your job and even in life.
The Improving Diabetes Management programme is offered by The Open University UK.  
The Improving End of Life Care programme is offered by The Open University UK.  
The Improving Health and Wellbeing programme is offered by The Open University UK.  
Present the latest data, priorities and debates about the health of adolescents, mothers, newborns and children worldwide.
Graduate Diploma of Inclusive Education at Charles Sturt University will enable you to become a highly skilled education professional, capable of working effectively with people with special or additional education needs, their teachers, parents and service providers, in a range of education settings.
Intended primarily for teachers, the Diploma in Inclusive Education is offered by the Athabasca University in collaboration with the University of Alberta. The program enhances teachers' knowledge and skills in the areas of special needs
The Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Inclusive Education: Research, Policy and Practice delivered by University of Glasgow are designed to address contemporary issues in inclusion/special education.
If you do not have the right school qualifications or it has been some time since you studied, USQ‘s Indigenous Higher Education Pathways Program (IHEPP) is the perfect way to start studying at university. This pathway program has been developed to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the academic skills needed for university study.
This Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation from the Engineering Institute of Technology greatly improves the global mobility of graduates, and offers you the opportunity of a truly international career.