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This module introduces you to the use of qualitative research methods in the Social Sciences, and particularly in the field of Gerontology.
This course is offered for professionals working as middle and senior managers in health care sector who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in the management of patient safety and service quality within health care organsiations. It is appropriate for hospital administrators, risk and quality assurance managers, and senior medical, nursing and allied health administrators.
The Postgraduate Diploma in Quality Systems is unique in New Zealand, one of a group of tertiary-level qualifications offered by Massey University.
The Postgraduate Diploma in Quantitative Finance is designed principally for postgraduates whose work in banks and other financial institutions requires knowledge of statistical (particularly econometric) and quantitative approaches to risk and derivatives.
This module introduces you to survey design, implementation, questionnaire design and the analysis of quantitative data through a combination of online lectures, online exercises using SPSS, assessed coursework, and individual study and practice.
This Quantum Cryptography interdisciplinary course offered by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is an introduction to the exciting field of quantum cryptography, developed in collaboration between QuTech at Delft University of Technology and the California Institute of Technology.
Quantum Mechanics: The Physics of the Microscopic World gives you the logical tools to grasp the paradoxes and astonishing insights of quantum mechanics in 24 half-hour lectures designed specifically for nonscientists and taught by award-winning Professor Benjamin Schumacher of Kenyon College.
Our lives are filled with everyday questions of fact and finance. Which investment brings the highest return? What school district is the house in? What will this candidate do if elected? But the really fundamental questions of our lives, says Professor Patrick Grim, are questions of neither fact nor finance. They are questions of value. They are the deep questions that apply to every aspect of our lives.