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The Teachers Aide - UK course from International Career Institute (ICI) leads to the awarding of either a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma depending on which level you enrol at.
The Teachers Aide - USA course from International Career Institute (ICI) leads to the awarding of an Executive Diploma. 
The Teachers Aide course from International Career Institute (ICI) leads to the awarding of a Diploma level certificate. 
Massey is ranked in the world‘s top 150 universities for education in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) ranking.
Team engineering aims to develop the essential professional engineering skill of working with others. You‘ll work as part of a small project team, formed at the first weekend residential school.Team Engineering course is offered at The Open University UK.
This module provides an opportunity to sample some of the key areas in computing and information technology.The Technologies in Practice programme is offered by The Open University UK.  
This Technology-Enhanced Learning module from The Open University UK   is designed for current or future professionals in elearning or ‘technology-enhanced‘ learning. It provides you with hands-on experience of a range of learning technologies, and enables you to understand the processes of designing, implementing and critiquing elearning and the ideas that underpin these processes.
The Renaissance as a Time of Magic and Astrology.This course explores the concept of the terror of history through a study of mysticism, heresy, apocalyptic movements, and the witch hunting craze in Europe between 1000 and 1700. You will examine new sources and think in new ways about events in the centuries from the late medieval period to early modern Europe.
Graduate Diploma of Terrorism and Security Studies at Charles Sturt University will advance the development and enhancement of the student‘s knowledge and understanding of terrorism and expand and refine their understanding of the complex context of terrorism and security related issues.
The Text, Memory, Monument course at Aarhus University has been developed together with the Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies and is organised as a collaboration between the four Nordic institutes and the American University in Rome, and Aarhus University. The teachers are internationally established specialists in their fields. The course is open to qualified students from all countries.
In The 23 Greatest Solo Piano Works, Great Courses favorite Professor Robert Greenberg of San Francisco Performances returns with an in-depth exploration of the solo piano works he considers to be among the most exceptional landmarks in the literature. The 23 works you‘ll study represent the selections of an internationally respected composer and music historian, carefully chosen to highlight the most significant compositional and pianistic achievements in the solo piano repertoire.
From the majesty of Baroque and Classical era masterpieces to the daring visions of modernism, orchestral music is undoubtedly one of the supreme artistic traditions of Western culture. And, over the centuries, this amazing medium has given us a special category of works that stand apart from the rest as transcendent expressions of the human spirit.
Addiction touches us all. Whether it‘s a friend who can‘t quit smoking, a colleague afflicted with alcoholism, or a relative abusing prescription drugs, we all know someone who suffers from some form of addiction–we may even have an addiction ourselves. By some estimates, roughly one in four Americans might be considered addicts. On the other hand, many of us use substances such as alcohol recreationally, without suffering the physical or psychological symptoms of addiction. So what is the difference between drug use, abuse, and clinical addiction? What causes addictions? What happens when your brain is on drugs, and why do addicts behave the way they do?
The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal is exactly that course, taught by an expert negotiator, mediator, business school teacher, and former corporate attorney: Seth Freeman, an adjunct professor at New York University Stern School of Business and at Columbia University. In 24 engaging and practical lectures, Professor Freeman teaches you how to approach all phases of a negotiation and deal with a wide range of problems. You‘ll learn how to negotiate effectively in both competitive and collaborative situations, always being “hard on the problem and soft on the person”–which is the key to achieving a mutually beneficial outcome.
The gift of storytelling may be one of life's most powerful–and envied–skills. A story well told can make us laugh, weep, swell with pride, or rise with indignation. A story poorly told can be not just boring or uncomfortable, but positively painful to experience. Humans seem to be fundamentally hard-wired for stories–they‘re how we record both the monumental events of life and the small, everyday moments.
As a landmark achievement in the evolution of strategic thought, Sun Tzu‘s The Art of War has had a powerful and lasting influence on military strategy around the globe. Its maxims have been invoked by everyone from the nuclear strategists of the cold war to China‘s modern cyber warriors.
This broadly focused The Arts Past and Present module from The Open University UK   introduces you to university-level study in the arts across a range of subject areas - art history, classical studies, English, history, philosophy, music and religious studies.
Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan loom large in the popular consciousness as two of history‘s most fearsome warrior-leaders. Accounts of the ruthless conquests of these men called “The Scourge of God” and “Universal Lord” both fascinate and repel. Yet few people today are aware of their place in a succession of nomadic warriors who used campaigns of terror to sweep across the Eurasian steppes, toppling empires and seizing control of civilizations.
In Transport Phenomena, the transport and transfer of momentum, heat and mass are studied. To understand these processes which often take place simultaneously, the underlying concepts will be covered in this "The Basics of Transport Phenomena"" course at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)."
To step inside a Gothic cathedral is to step inside the visual essence of the Christian faith–a world filled with vaulted ceilings that direct the visitor's gaze toward heaven, stone sculptures that bring to life both the blessings of salvation and the horrors of damnation, and stained glass windows that illustrate powerful religious stories in dazzling bursts of color.