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The work of Northern Renaissance artists is often incredibly beautiful, with marvellous colours and textures conjured up from their hallmark technique of oil painting. Yet there is much more to the work of Jan van Eyck, his contemporaries and their followers, than simple aesthetics, for it evolved from, and reflected, an intriguing range of religious and cultural beliefs. This online course will explore some of the fascination of these images and their meanings.
The Vector Basics, Particles, and Rigid Bodies course will cover the importance of global awareness and the role of engineers in the international community.
The RVC Graduate Diploma in Professional and Clinical Veterinary Nursing is a unique distance-learning advanced veterinary nursing diploma for practising registered veterinary nurses.
Darwin. Gladstone. Disraeli. Dickens. Meet the pioneering, paradoxical Britons of the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). Through peaceful and gradual change they built one of the world's first industrial democracies–in a class-bound society with a powerful landed aristocracy and a negative view of business. They gloried in a globe-spanning and relatively humanely run empire–even as it distracted them from underlying economic weaknesses that presaged Britain's 20th-century decline.
Video Game Design and Animation Associate Diploma graduates are in high demand. The Video Game industry pushes the boundaries of creative expression and innovation. If you are naturally artistic with a passion for video games, now is the time to transform your artistic skills into 3D animation. The Video Game Design and Animation course is offered by Toronto Film School.
The Viento en Popa-Upper Intermediate Spanish programme is offered by The Open University UK.  
As he has shown in his other Teaching Company courses, The World of Byzantium, Great Ancient Civilizations of Asia Minor, The Era of the Crusades, and Rome and the Barbarians, Dr. Harl has a special knowledge of Europe and the Near East, from antiquity through the Middle Ages. His expertise on nearly all of the peoples the Vikings encountered enables him to endow his lectures with the nuance and detail only a trained specialist can deliver.
Ravagers, despoilers, pagans, heathens - the Vikings are usually regarded as bloodthirsty seafaring pirates, whose impact on Europe was one of fear and terror. Yet these Vikings were also traders, settlers and farmers with a highly developed artistic culture and legal system. This course uses recent findings from archaeology to examine these varied aspects of the Viking world.
After learning the basic principles of window dressing and visual merchandising, you'll use the No Need 4 Mirrors (NN4M) Fashion Window Design programme to understand the skill of creating great windows and the science behind visual merchandising. Students in the past have used Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D models and sketching to show their window designs each week.
The  Voices, Texts and Material Culture from The Open University UK  is an interdisciplinary module built around the broad concepts of voices, texts and material culture. It will enable you to extend your understanding of the arts and humanities, both from the perspective of specific disciplines and through interdisciplinary study.
 Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis from The Open University UK is one of a series of short, five month 10-credit modules introducing fascinating topics in science. If you‘ve ever been intrigued or affected by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or tsunamis and want to find out more about why they happen and what they do, then this is the module for you. 
Leading intellectual historian Alan Charles Kors shares with you his view of Voltaire as one of the most intriguing, influential, and elusive thinkers of the modern world. Focusing on the deepest, most enduring aspects of Voltaire's work and thought, but never losing sight of the colorful, fascinating man himself, Professor Kors sketches for you a vibrant, thought-provoking vision of Voltaire as "the father of the Enlightenment"" and one of the great literary personalities of all time."