Online Certificates and Other Degree Programs in France

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This training course in Agronomy of Plants with Health Benefits (for Food Supplements and Cosmetics) from Université de Bordeaux has been created essentially for health practitioners and professionals from companies interested in Food supplements based on plants. 
Start an exciting and dynamic career with the professional diploma in Digital Marketing - France at Institute of Digital Marketing - France.
Surrender to French! Learn French daily with an e-mail, a story, and a personalized correction. In each lesson, follow the adventures of Victor Hugo as he explores the Francophone universe. The courses are humorous, practical and include a wide variety of accents. Our lessons are adapted for post-beginners (from 15 years old).
Meet and Exceed your mobile marketing goals through implementation of the latest methods, technologies and tools. Learn how to create mobile and Implement strategies to help transform your career and company with industry's Reviews some of the leading mobile marketing experts. The Mobile Marketing - France programme is delivered by Institute of Digital Marketing - France.
Transform your career by learning to create, manage and implement advanced search marketing strategies using technical AdWords, PPC, Display and Remarketing. This Search Marketing - France course of specialized professional degree is offered by some of the best experts in the industry of search marketing. The programme is delivered by Institute of Digital Marketing - France.
The Social Media Marketing - France degree at Institute of Digital Marketing - France is suitable for those responsible for planning, implementing and managing social media campaigns. Specialists of social media, fans, executives or anyone who wish to enhance their digital marketing knowledge base in this area would be excellent on this course.